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May 05 2021

Experts Start Softening Us Up for Incest

Using a blitzkrieg campaign of bullying and wall-to-wall propaganda, leftist social engineers managed to normalize homosexuality in only a few years after millennia of proscription. What’s next on the road to fundamental transformation? Maybe incest should be destigmatized. Cherry-picked Experts are already weighing in:

We usually assume that inbreeding is bad and should be avoided under all circumstances. But new research performed by researchers at Stockholm University, published in Nature Ecology and Evolution, shows that there is little support for this assumption. …

“People assume that animals should avoid mating with a relative when given the chance,” says Raïssa de Boer, researcher in zoology at Stockholm University. “But evolutionary theory has been telling us that animals should tolerate, or even prefer, mating with relatives under a broad range of conditions for more than four decades.”

Liberals used to present gay penguins as evidence that homosexuality is normal. If it’s good enough for animals, it would be speciesist to think it isn’t good enough for you and me.

“We compared studies that asked if humans avoid inbreeding when presented with pictures of faces that were digitally manipulated to make the faces look either more or less related to studies that used similar approaches in other animals. Just like other animals, it turns out that there is no evidence that humans prefer to avoid inbreeding,” says Raïssa de Boer.

How long before people start losing their jobs for being incestophobes?

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