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Sep 28 2021

Exploited Child Gets Covid Vaccine for 12th Birthday Present

The establishment “news” media consists of propaganda so ham-fisted, it must trigger the gag reflex even in some liberals. In an NBC News piece demonizing those who won’t succumb to Covid panic, we are manipulated by the heart-breaking story of police officer Charles Roberts, who died of Covid at age 45 because — according to his widow — other people didn’t take it seriously enough. To quote:

“He took the virus very seriously, but because other people all didn’t, and there wasn’t vaccinations then, and there wasn’t great testing… I mean, he never had the opportunity to get the vaccine…”

Whether the vaccine was not available at the time or he chose not to get it is unclear. Given how long it’s been out there, the latter seems more likely.

Now she is honoring his memory by getting their son vaxxed for his 12th birthday. Giving a child that young a vaccine for a disease that is not serious in children when the long-term consequences of the vaccine are unknown does not seem wise, but parents are advised to consult with their doctors. Do not consult with the moonbats running the news media.

Everyone’s heart goes out to bereaved families. But that is all the more reason to resent the media exploiting grief to lead us around by the nose. Actual statistics would be more helpful than tearjerker tales regarding whether kids should get the jab.

The YouTube comments are a hoot. A few samples:

I’m not convinced his birthday wish wasn’t for a ‘Great Reset’.

He’ll have a booster in celebration of Thanksgiving

When I was 12, all I ever wanted was a needle in my arm…. No toys, no PlayStation, Nintendo or Xbox.. Just a needle.. Said NO child ever

He will be taking them boosters for the rest of his life.

As a Birthday gift when I was 12, my mom took me to get my very first colonoscopy, I was so excited

Truly… the most pathetic, cringe-worthy thing I’ve ever seen in television

Omg, his mouth is an extension of his mother’s

This is so heartbreaking that anyone would do this to a child.

He didn’t need a gift nbc paid him enough to buy his own

Totally thought they were paid actors until the mom said they were not paid actors.

They forgot to tell you that he actually was bought a candy bar for his birthday and found his golden vaccination card within

As we all know, children LOVE shots! Why wouldn’t this kid want one for his birthday? Your propaganda is pathetic.

On and on they go, with virtually every comment expressing extreme skepticism. The media has cashed in the last of its credibility hyping Covid hysteria. This is actually a good thing, since NBC News et al. will have none left to help Democrats inflict lockdown-level tyranny in the name of the global warming hoax.

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