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Nov 09 2019

“Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself” Meme Collection

Epstein didn’t kill himself. But then, you already knew that, unless you have been living in a cave (or relying on ABC News for information):

The ruling class is so corrupt at this point, we are more likely to get the truth from theatrical conspiracy aficionados than from the establishment media.

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Nov 08 2019

ABC News Whistleblower Fired by CBS News

Evidence accrues that the liberal establishment media does not consist of multiple entities, but of one entity with multiple faces, like a vast crowd of NPCs activated by a single hive mind. We gasped in amazement at the corruption of this entity when a whistleblower leaked footage of ABC News anchor Amy Robach unwittingly describing on a live mic some of the shocking information she had on child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein 3 years ago, implicating Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew. ABC News spiked the blockbuster story, presumably to protect the VIPs Epstein catered to. The leaker has been found and fired — even though the person had moved on to CBS News.

Via Breitbart:

The Huffington Post’s Yashar Ali, citing two sources familiar with the situation, said Thursday morning that CBS News has “fired the staffer in question.”

“This comes after ABC informed CBS that they had determined who accessed the footage of Amy Robach expressing her frustrations about the Epstein story,” noted Ali.

Matt Agorist, who notes that the alternative media was exposing Epstein and his powerful clients while the liberal establishment media covered for them, is right to ask, “Who’s the real fake news?”

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Nov 07 2019

Open Thread

Fox News is no monopoly. It is a singular minority in a sea of liberal media. ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, NPR, CNN, MSNBC vs. Fox. The lineup is so unbalanced as to be comical - and that doesn't even include the other commanding heights of the culture that are firmly, flagrantly liberal: Hollywood, the foundations, the universities, the elite newspapers. - Charles Krauthammer
Nov 05 2019

ABC News Had Goods on Epstein/Clinton 3 Years Ago

Most people assume that Jeffrey Epstein, underage sex slave procurer to the rich and famous (including Bill Clinton), did not commit suicide without some help. We might know the details by now, but Big Journalism has its reasons for not digging too hard or even sharing what is already known. Project Veritas presents ABC News anchor Amy Robach talking to her producer on a hot mic:

ABC News is part of the liberal establishment. As a rule, it only tells you what the liberal establishment wants you to know — even if that means spiking one of the hottest stories of the century.

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Oct 27 2019

Indians Are Mean to Blacks, Libs Blame Whiteness

The New York Times is the flagship publication of the liberal establishment. It publishes cultural Marxist writers who insist that literally everything be viewed through the myopic prism of their hatred of “us” and their worship of “them.” America is bad because it is us. Whiteness is bad because historically the vast majority of Americans have been white. If the offspring of immigrants from India are nasty to sacred Persons of Politically Preferred Pigmentation, whose fault is it? Whites’ fault.

The demented obsession with blaming all bad things on Caucasians crossed into the Twilight Zone in yesterday’s opinion piece, “A Racist Attack Shows How Whiteness Evolves, ” which responds to an incident that occurred at a high school football game in Lawrence Township, New Jersey a week ago Friday.

What follows is not parody but actual excerpts:

Two 17-year-old boys accused of harassing four African-American middle schoolgirls — using racial slurs and urinating on one of the victims — are facing charges including bias intimidation and lewdness. …

Police say the boys are of Indian descent.

While it’s tempting to see the reported ethnicity of the boys suspected in the assault as complicating the story and raising questions about whether the assault should be thought of as racist, I look at it through a different lens. Instead of asking what the boys’ reported racial identity tells us about the nature of the attack, we should see the boys as enacting American whiteness through anti-black assault in a very traditional way.

If people act racist, they are acting white. Whiteness made them do it. If not for whites, everyone would live in perfect harmony.

Anything whatsoever can be shoehorned into the box labeled AMERICAN WHITENESS IS RACIST AND BAD.

In the New Jersey incident, the heritage or skin color of the boys suspected of the assault doesn’t matter. What matters is that they were … enacting whiteness…

If the media ever manages to find white people acting like these Indian-American kids, their heritage and skin color not only will matter, it will keep them on the front page of the New York Times for the next 6 months.

Imagine if the New York Times hated blacks half as much as it hates whites. They might rename it the Ku Klux Klan Gazette.

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Oct 24 2019

NY Times Rewrites the Record to Protect Hillary

Hillary Clinton made herself a laughing stock with the insane proclamation that Tulsi Gabbard is a Russian asset. She may never appear in public again without having to pretend that she doesn’t hear muffled sniggering. But she shouldn’t feel too bad. At least the New York Times still loves her enough to sacrifice what little remains of its reputation for journalistic integrity on her behalf.

Via Summit News:

The New York Times initially reported Clinton’s comments accurately, writing that Hillary said “Russia was “grooming” Representative Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii as a third-party candidate for president.”

Subsequently, this was changed without notice to read that it was Republicans who were allegedly grooming her — still an outrageous accusation, but less conspicuously psychotic.

The “Paper of Record” retroactively altered the record so that it will not reveal a liberal icon to suffer from the paranoid delusion that everyone she doesn’t like is a Russian agent. This also defends the liberal establishment from further ridicule regarding the heavily hyped Russian conspiracy hoax that collapsed when the Mueller investigation laid a goose egg.

If Winston Smith were real and alive today, he would work for the New York Times.

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Oct 16 2019

Liberal Information Establishment vs Free Speech

The recent revelations by Project Veritas regarding bias at CNN is only the tip of the iceberg. The entire liberal information establishment has become weaponized on behalf of the Democrat Party and its radical agenda. This includes not only the “mainstream” media but also Big Tech.

Black Pigeon Speaks sounds off on the threat this poses to freedom of speech:

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Oct 15 2019

WaPo: 20% Tip Is Mandatory

Merriam-Webster defines “gratuity” as “something given voluntarily or beyond obligation usually for some service.” The idea is to motivate good service. But there is nothing voluntary about it according to the Washington Post, which informs us of the right way to think and act in all matters great and small. A 20% tip is an obligation, regardless of the quality of service.

Instructs WaPo food reporter and columnist Tim Carman:

Diners have been led to believe that tipping should be based on the quality of the service. But this is not the reason we tip. We tip because restaurateurs in America have shifted the burden of paying for some of their labor costs to diners.

Capitalist scoundrels. But what if you get lousy service?

I think diners need to ask themselves a basic question: Do you get paid when you’re having an off day? When you’re not at your best? When you’re in a bad mood?

In utopia, there will be no standards of excellence, just endless self-indulgence.

Carman suggests telling the server what to do differently, rather than leave a lower tip.

But if the service doesn’t get better, I would ask the manager to switch out servers.

Don’t leave a low tip; that would be mean. Get the waiter fired instead.

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Oct 15 2019

ABC Syria Footage Actually From Kentucky

Turkey was okay back when Obama was canoodling with its Islamofascist dictator Recep Tayyip Erdogan. However, now that Trump has announced a withdrawal from Syria, the media wants us to know about Turkish malevolence. ABC gives us a look at the mayhem those Turks have been causing:

Oh wait:

Turns out the footage was from the Knob Creek Gun Range in West Point, Kentucky.

Fortunately, the invasion failed:

Thanks ABC, for reminding us not to take anything the mainstream media presents as news at face value.

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Oct 14 2019

CNN Exposed: Part 1

Everyone knows that CNN leans sharply to the left. The content it excretes is often cartoonishly moonbatty. Project Veritas shows us the mentality behind the scenes, with the help of a whistleblowing insider who was willing to wear a camera. In the first of a promised series of videos, we learn that CNN President Jeff Zucker has an obsession with destroying Trump that calls to mind Captain Ahab; apparently, it goes back to The Apprentice.

It would be bad enough if CNN produced irresponsible content for the sake of ratings. The situation is worse than that. CNN is a political entity that exists not to inform or even to make money, but to advance an agenda.

That would be fine if CNN presented itself for what it is: a partisan propaganda outlet. The problem is that partisan propaganda is passed off as news and has displaced it, leaving people uninformed as to what is really going on.

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Oct 14 2019

Mass Shootings and the Mainstream Media

The media shrieks that mass shootings are the fault of the NRA for defending the Constitution. Actually, as sponsor explains, the media itself is far more to blame:

This might sound like an outlandish claim, but it’s supported by evidence from no less an authority than the National Institutes of Health. It’s related to a well-established phenomenon of copycat suicides known as the Werther Effect. Other countries’ medias have taken steps to minimize the Werther Effect through self-imposed industry standards on suicide reporting, and many of these standards have parallels with the coverage of mass shootings.

Mass shootings are hyped into the sky, totally dominating the news for days on end.

Strong evidence suggests that this both encourages and instructs potential mass shooters.

The hype leaves perspective by the wayside. Here’s something you won’t learn from ABC/CBS/NBC/CNN:

2017 was the deadliest year for mass shootings in America with a total of 117 people killed. For context, 102 people die from automobile accidents every day according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Institute.

The same tactics used to attack gun rights could be used to criminalize cars — and will be, when progressives get to that point. But for now, they are focused on negating the Second Amendment. That and the boost that sensationalism gives their ratings explain the reckless coverage of mass shootings by the mainstream media.

If the media wanted to reduce mass shootings instead of throwing gasoline on the fire, it would take the advice of forensic psychologist Park Dietz:

“I have repeatedly told CNN and our other media the following[:] if you don’t want to propagate more mass murders: Don’t start the story with sirens blaring. Don’t have photos of the killer. Don’t make it 24/7 coverage. Do everything you can not to make the body count the lead story. Localize the story to the affected community. And make it as boring as possible in every other market.”

However, the MSM is unlikely to take this approach when there is money to be made and an authoritarian agenda to be advanced.

Click through to read the rest, a stock up on affordable ammunition while you are there. readers get a special discount.

Oct 03 2019

HuffPost Conception of a Homecoming Queen

Whether its the news media, Hollywood, the Democrat Party, academia, the judiciary, or the advertising industry, everything the liberal establishment does is intended to push society in a predetermined direction. What will America look like if we ever arrive at their socially engineered destination? If you really want to know, zip yourself into a hazmat suit and visit HuffPost. This recent puff piece answers the question explicitly:

Memphis, Tennessee, high school student Brandon Allen gives the title of “homecoming queen” new meaning.

The White Station High School senior was crowned Homecoming Royalty on Friday night ― and accepted his title in a fabulous gold sequin gown.

They use male pronouns for Allen not out of fidelity to biological accuracy but because he “identifies as gay.”

Allen is praised for his “bravery” and the school for its “progressive outlook.” Those who reacted normally to this disgusting farce are denounced as “haters” whom readers are expected to hate.

Behold America’s progressive future:

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Oct 03 2019

Amari Allen Hate Hoax Reveals Media Rot

Hate hoaxes get traction in the willfully gullible media because they advance the media’s progressive agenda. The recent Amari Allen hate hoax is a case in point.

The first to report on the tear-jerking tale of 12-year-old Amari having her dreadlocks cut off by racist white boys at a private Christian school where Mike Pence’s wife happens to teach was local DC reporter Mikea Turner. She had previously advocated for laws (like they now have in California) protecting dreadlocks from discrimination — i.e., granting special legal status to the blacks who wear them (making them more difficult to fire or fail to hire and promote, etc.).

From the Daily Caller:

The reporter also used the claims by the Virginia girl’s family — which runs a “natural” cosmetics company that the reporter has previously promoted on air — as justification for the laws.

That sounds about as up and up as a Democrat impeachment inquiry. Fortunately for Mikea Turner, journalistic integrity has given way to leftist advocacy, so her ideologically driven corruption may have no negative impact on her career.

This gives an idea of the viciousness behind the hate hoax phenomenon:

Turner ran two segments with Amari and her family on Sept. 29. In the first, she questioned why the school had not finished its investigation and punished the students.

“You found out on Wednesday and notified the school almost immediately. They told you they’re not going to notify you about disciplinary action until Monday. How do you feel about having to wait that long?” she said.

“Devastated,” [Amari’s grandmother] Cynthia replied.

No doubt seeing the innocent 6th-grade boys lynched would have brought satisfied smiles. Thankfully, surveillance video debunked the hoax and prevented their futures from being ruined.

The family embarked on a media tour to promote Amari’s fictional oppression. It would have sent sales of their “Still Natural” cosmetics through the roof. Now that the hoax has been revealed, Mikea Turner’s WUSA, a CBS affiliate, has “deleted all articles and video about the story” according to the Daily Caller, and will not mention Amari’s name.

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Oct 01 2019

Reality Check: Illegal Alien Sex Crimes Against Children

Meanwhile, while the clot of algae that is the contrived Trump/Ukraine pseudostory consumes all the oxygen in the mainstream media pond, real problems continue to fester, including the skyrocketing national debt, the ever more bellicose terror state of Iran, a trade war with China, an invasion across the southern border, and a sex crime wave inflicted on children by illegal aliens (while New York City makes it a crime to call them illegal aliens). A reality check from Brittany Hughes of MRCTV:

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Sep 30 2019

Colorado Governor Attempts to Dictate Editorial Policy

Normally the Democrat Party and the media are for all intents and purposes the same entity. But sometimes these two central pillars of Big Moonbattery fall out of sync. That’s when a little muscle has to be applied, as when Colorado Governor Jared Polis’s press office leaned on a pair of small-town papers to take down a story because the source was associated with the Koch family.

The Kiowa County Press in Eads and The Chronicle-News in Trinidad refused Polis spokesman Conor Cahill’s request this month to “unpublish” the story, a straightforward account about a new state office dedicated to the future of labor that Chicago-based The Center Square wrote.

Cahill didn’t ask for a correction but objected to the group’s affiliations…

The Center Square was launched in May 2019, focusing on state, statehouse and public spending coverage. It’s affiliated with the Franklin News Foundation, formerly the conservative Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity, whose donors have included groups funded by the Charles Koch Foundation.

It’s not that the story has anything wrong. It’s that the Koch family has been designated as a den of thought criminals; therefore, anything associated with it is politically unclean. Cahill denounced The Center Square as a disreputable (i.e., not reliably pro-Democrat) news source, even though some of its coverage has been supportive of Polis.

If you think news coverage is politically biased now, wait until Democrats get the leverage to crush any source of information that is not overtly compliant with their ideology. Everything else will be found to be racist.

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Sep 28 2019

Media Reaction to Covington Kids vs Greta Thunberg

Let’s compare the liberal establishment media reaction to the innocently ambushed Covington Catholic kids with its obsequious kowtowing to hectoring teenage climate crone Greta Thunberg. Featuring moonbat propagandists S.E. Cupp and David Gergen, both of whom probably pass for right of center at CNN:

Whether they are children or adults, all the characters we are presented with by the news media play one of two parts. Either we are supposed to hate them in the name of leftist ideology, or we are supposed to love them in the name of leftist ideology.

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