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Apr 18 2021

Even Bill Maher Fed Up With Lib Media Covid Panic Porn

Bill Maher tends to be an irritating moonbat, but at least he doesn’t indiscriminately guzzle whatever Kool-Aid leftists place before him like virtually everyone else in entertainment. Watch him sound downright Republican on the topic of ChiCom virus panic porn, the media’s lack of credibility, and Democrat cluelessness:

“If you lie to people, even for a very good cause, you lose their trust.” True enough. That’s why even liberals who believe the media’s cause is good should know better than to trust it.

For a guy in Maher’s profession, attention = money. He gets attention by being cutting edge. Now that Democrats have turned all the dials all the way to the left, the only way to be edgy is to say something sensible.

On tips from Occam’s Stubble and Dragon’s Lair.

Apr 17 2021

Arrested for Pushing a Punk

The racial arsonists running the liberal establishment media are so desperate to find racism against sacred blacks that a soldier shoving a lowlife who was harassing a girl and wouldn’t leave the neighborhood stars as the villain in a national news story, thanks to the respective races lining up with the official narrative.

Jonathan Pentland was actually arrested for assault for pushing the trouble-making punk. The predictable result of the media’s distortion and demagoguery was a black mob inflicting the racial intimidation that now dominates our culture.

Needless to say, if the races had been reversed, any charges pressed would have been against the punk. Then the story would have been about a noble and courageous Person of Color who rescued an innocent girl from the depredations of an evil Caucasian.

The liberal establishment media and Black Lives Matter excrete so many malevolent lies into the public consciousness that no matter how easy they are to debunk, it is hard to keep up with them all. Mark Dice handles the Jonathan Pentland case:

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Apr 16 2021

CBS Edits Out Gun of Black Youth Shot by Police

The “mainstream” media bears responsibility for helping to whip up the hundreds of race riots that have besieged America over the past year. To what extent will the left-wing activists who run the media blatantly deceive us to advance their destructive agenda? CBS News answers the question by editing the gun out of the hand of Adam Toledo, a black youth who was shot by Chicago police.

Fox News reports on video of Toledo and another person running from police:

Toledo stops for a moment before he turns toward the officer, at which point the cop tells him to, “Show me your f—— hands.”

Toledo appears to have his hands up when he is shot once in the chest. He ultimately died from his injuries.

Also shown in the footage is a brief glimpse of Toledo holding a gun, which he apparently discarded an instant before the fatal shot was fired.

CBS News, however, tweeted a video formatted for mobile devices. As a result, both sides of the bodycam footage were cropped and the image of Toledo holding the gun was omitted.

The impression created was that the police chased down and executed a child, when the actual story was a cop making an understandable mistake in a split-second life and death decision.

So-called journalists have gone from burying the lede to deleting it.

This is hardly out of character for CBS News, as it struggles to distinguish itself as the propaganda agency most aggressively devoted to promoting Democrats’ preferred narrative. A recent 60 Minutes smear job on Ron DeSantis was shockingly dishonest. Demonstrating that it is loyal only to the Democrat Party, not the public, CBS News arrogantly stands by the report.

Before that, CBS News was accused of full-throated “activism” after it ran a report with the headline, “3 ways companies can help fight Georgia’s restrictive new voting law.”

That law is not in the least restrictive, yet has resulted in an economic/propaganda attack on Georgia to set the stage for HR1, which would institutionalize voter fraud at the federal level so as to guarantee Democrat victory.

We might have to get used to the CBS News brand of journalism. Democrats are seizing on what they see as a window of opportunity to lock in permanent single-party rule. If they fail, there will be a backlash at the polls against their radicalism and lust for power. If they succeed, the lies told by the liberal media may be the closest thing to information that is allowed. Instead of merely getting repeatedly hamstrung by Big Tech censors, conservative media will be criminalized through laws against “hate speech” and “misinformation.” The public will be left to guess at what is really going on.

People are likely to be killed in riots incited by this sort of propaganda. That’s a price the apparatchiks at CBS News are willing to pay, so long as it helps strategically destabilize the country to facilitate the Democrat power grab. You can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs.

Hat tips: Post Millennial, NOQ Report, Liberty Daily.

Apr 15 2021

More Revelations From CNN Insider Charlie Chester

For weeks after a maniac went nuts killing sex workers in Atlanta, the media pushed the preposterous narrative that white supremacists have been victimizing Asians. Violence against Asians comes predominantly from blacks. Turns out, even the ostensibly clueless CNN knows this, as we learn from the final installment in the series of hidden camera Project Veritas interviews with Technical Director Charlie Chester.

We also learn that the supposed journalism that Chester himself calls “propaganda” is a “weapon” because it can be used to “shape an entire people’s perception about anything.” This is accomplished by “forcing a story, to help like, your platform.”

See Parts 1 & 2 here.

Apr 14 2021

Technical Director Admits CNN Produces Propaganda

The purpose of liberal establishment “news” services is not to inform the public. On the contrary, it is to misinform the public, so as to drive a left-wing agenda. Project Veritas provides documentation in the form of surreptitiously recorded video of Technical Director Charlie Chester claiming credit for driving the president out of office and explicitly admitting that CNN produces propaganda.

Chester specifically states that CNN’s “focus was to get Trump out of office.” Scarier even than these militant moonbats selecting our president for us is what he promises will come next — a concentrated effort to stampede the public into going along with a radical expansion of the size, scope, and cost of Big Government in the name of the global warming hoax. To quote Chester,

“So our next thing is going to be for climate change awareness.”

He needs to get with the program. Orders have come down from above to call weather the “climate emergency” now.

Chester says CNN will “beat to death” the bogus narrative of the planet being imperiled by our unwillingness to succumb to Green New Deal power grabs. This campaign will have “longevity,” he says. The beauty of the imaginary climate crisis is that unlike the ChiCom virus, it never has to end, since there will always be weather that can be blamed on it. Chester says they will “milk that for quite a bit” — unless of course viewers get sick of being manipulated and choose instead to become informed by looking for alternate sources of information.

In Part 2, Chester admits that CNN deliberately instills panic in its audience, and that its reporters do not ask questions but rather manipulate those being interviewed into supporting the desired narrative. Our worst suspicions are again confirmed:

On tips from Chuck A, KirklesWorth, and Dragon’s Lair.

Apr 13 2021

Conservatives Denounced for Not Posting Vaccine Selfies

No wonder CNN tries to force Fox News off the air. FNC hosts are downright deplorable. They don’t even share vaccine selfies. CNN’s Brian Stelter has the goods on them:

That is an actual nonphotoshopped screenshot. As noted at Not the Bee, “CNN is beyond parody.”

Apr 06 2021

Democrat: 60 Minutes DeSantis Piece “Intentionally False”

There is no longer any standard of value in the MSM other than wokeness. This frees CBS’s odious 60 Minutes to reach new depths of mendaciousness as it kneecaps those seen as threats to the liberal establishment. Ron DeSantis scares these apparatchiks so much that they got carried away, causing even Democrat politicians to object.

The segment featured reporter Sharyn Alfonsi ambushing DeSantis at a press conference last month and aggressively questioning him using a misleading narrative…

Alfonsi tried to suggest that Publix, the largest grocery store chain in Florida, had engaged in pay to play by donating money to DeSantis’ campaign in exchange for being awarded a contract to distribute vaccines in the state.

DeSantis aptly responded to Alfonsi’s false accusations and laid them to rest. That part was left on the cutting room floor. Daily Wire has the full transcript, highlighting what CBS did not want us to hear. The selective editing takes lying by omission to a new extreme of deceptiveness.

Even Democrats back DeSantis against CBS’s outrageous lies:

Moskowitz isn’t alone. Dave Kerner, Democrat Mayor of Palm Beach County felted compelled to issue a statement:

The reporting was not just based on bad information — it was intentionally false. I know this because I offered to provide my insight into Palm Beach County’s vaccination efforts and 60 minutes declined. They know that the Governor came to Palm Beach County and met with me and the County Administrator and we asked to expand the state’s partnership with Publix to Palm Beach County. We also discussed our own local plans to expand mass vaccination centers throughout the county, which the Governor has been incredibly supportive. We asked and he delivered. They had that information, and they left it out because it kneecaps their narrative.

We have confronted this pandemic for over a year. Our residents, like all Americans, are tired. And the media is making it worse. They are hellbent on dividing us for cheap views and clicks. 60 Minutes should be ashamed.

Leftists have a big advantage in that they control the “mainstream” media. But like Joe Biden’s radical handlers, they are overplaying their hand. It has already become common knowledge that what we are presented with as “news” is liberal propaganda. As people begin to realize how shamelessly CBS et al. lie to us, the MSM will lose the last of its credibility. People will tune out their duckspeak and look for more reliable sources of information.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Apr 04 2021

Capitol Attack News Scoop Ruined

We all saw how much mileage the media got out of January 6. Now it has been topped by a more violent Capitol attack.

The violence of the Capitol Riot consisted of an unidentified Capitol Police officer shooting to death the unarmed Ashli Babbitt. On Friday, a maniac named Noah Green murdered Capitol Police officer William “Billy” Evans, severely injuring another officer.

Unfortunately for the media, the story had to be relegated to minor event status because it has flaws, starting with the identity of the killer. Green was a sacred BIPOC (despite MSNBC indulging in its usual wishful thinking by reporting that he was a “white male”) and a self-described follower of Louis Farrakhan’s black supremacist cult Nation of Islam.

The Blaze reports:

Capitol Police said that Green was driving a blue sedan when he rammed two Capitol officers near the north barricade at the U.S. Capitol. He then exited the vehicle and ran toward other officers with a knife. At least one officer shot at him and he later died at a hospital.

If only he had used a gun, this could have been exploited as a pretext to attack our right to defend ourselves from maniacs like him by exercising our constitutional right to bear arms.

Astonishingly, Green’s fellow Muslim Rep Ilhan Omar (D-MN) does so anyway:

No matter what happens, Democrats will exploit it to advance their agenda — i.e., to justify seizing more power over us.

Green’s actual motive appears to be the usual: he was crazy. He complained of being victimized by “unauthorized operations in the hospital” and “mind control.” These atrocities were presumably inflicted by our fanatically Afrophile federal government, which he denounced as “the #1 enemy of Black people.”

On tips from Dragon’s Lair and Blackjack.

Apr 01 2021

Why Birth Certificates Are Violence

The liberal media establishment consists of moonbats indoctrinated in postmodernism. They believe that objective reality is irrelevant; all that matters is pushing a narrative that champions groups the elite has designated as “oppressed.” Prominent among those privileged groups are transsexuals. That’s why we can read a jaw-dropper like the following, not in an opinion piece, but in an actual CNN news story:

It’s not possible to know a person’s gender identity at birth, and there is no consensus criteria for assigning sex at birth.

Actually, sex can be determined before birth. DNA determines sex. So do genitalia. This isn’t advanced biology. Little kids understand it.

Yet again we see that the gaslighting propagandists who run the media will look you straight in the face and tell you the most brazen lies imaginable on behalf of their warped agenda.

This time, however, they were forced to step back slightly. The extract above is taken from Breitbart, which quoted the CNN piece before it could be retroactively altered. Breitbart provided the following commentary:


In the face of ridicule, even the mighty mainstream media sometimes backs down — a little. At CNN, the paragraph has been altered to read like this:

It’s not possible to know a person’s gender identity at birth, and for some people, the sex listed on their original birth certificate is a misleading way of describing the body they have.

This is still absurd, but not quite such a bald-faced lie, since it is unclear what they mean by “misleading.” CNN muddies it up with the sort of duckspeak you might hear in a Queer Studies seminar at some overpriced university:

While sex is a category that refers broadly to physiology, a person’s gender is an innate sense of identity. The factors that go into determining the sex listed on a person’s birth certificate may include anatomy, genetics and hormones, and there is broad natural variation in each of these categories. For this reason, the language of “biological sex,” as used in this legislation, can be overly simplistic and misleading.

Biological sex is not as real as woke ideology, quacks the Party of Science.

As for the “broad natural variation” crap, we all know that only the strangest of teratisms would result in doctors being unable to determine the sex of a baby.

The CNN propagandists continue to flail helplessly, so why not throw them a lifeline? An abstract from Australian Feminist Law Journal might help:

Registering a newborn’s gender/sex on the birth certificate is usually seen as a mere formality that reflects a natural state of affairs. This article, however, shows that the registration of gender/sex does something else than record naturally given sex differences in bodies; it actually produces and shapes bodies to develop in a way conformant with understandings of sexual dimorphism. Sexed bodies are therefore not pre-discursive and static objects, but they are constantly in the process of becoming, influenced by socio-legal procedures, including gender/sex registration. By analysing the effects of registering the legal gender/sex on birth certificates and the change of gender markers thereof in various jurisdictions, in particular Australian states and territories, the article aims to show how bodies of intersex as well as endosex cis and trans persons are made into what they are expected to be: sexually dimorphic. It concludes that legally assigning a gender/sex has intrinsically violent effects on bodies, something that could be avoided by eliminating the public registration of gender/sex.

Girls don’t just happen to be girls. They are physically transformed into girls by their birth certificates. That’s why birth certificates are violence.

Academia has spoken. Try to laugh that away, Breitbart!

On tips from Varla, ABC of the ANC, and Steve T.

Mar 24 2021

Border Crisis Coverage: Under Trump vs Under Biden

It isn’t your imagination. The leftists controlling the establishment media cover the worsening crisis at the border very differently, now that they have installed their figurehead in power:

The liberal establishment media exists to manipulate.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Mar 22 2021

Worst Junk Science in 2,000 Years

The Guardian breathlessly gasps that thanks to resistance to the environmentalist Left’s agenda, the oppressed planet is experiencing the worst drought in 2,000 years. Tony Heller uses their own publication among others to debunk this nonsense:

Extreme weather is a recurrent feature of life on Earth. We can and have adapted to this. We cannot prevent it. Even banning normal cars as Democrats want to do would have no perceptible effect.

As Heller observes, “The people pushing this propaganda are not journalists and they’re not scientists. They are people with an agenda.” That agenda is so malevolent that it cannot be advanced except under a smokescreen of hysteria and lies.

On tips from Lyle and KirklesWorth.

Mar 20 2021

Media Is Institutionally Racist Against Whites

The media’s obsession with promoting a racist narrative that demonizes Caucasians has jumped the shark since Tuesday’s shootings in Atlanta. The incident was a result of sexual degeneracy and mental illness. There is no evidence that it had anything to do with race. Yet the media, strategically ignoring the victims who weren’t Asian, presents the story as emblematic of a rising tide of violence by whites against Asians.

Never mind that blacks are predominantly responsible for violence against Asians. Until recently, even liberal sources admitted this. It is not necessarily racially motivated.

Via the Washington Examiner:

According to the Justice Department, 27.5% of all violent crimes against Asian Americans in 2018 were committed by black people. That’s over 50,000 incidents in a single year. White criminals and Asian criminals each accounted for 24.1% of all attacks on Asians. Asian people, similar to their white counterparts, are underrepresented in violent crimes committed to the proportion of the population they make up. In 2019, Asians made up 6.2% of the population but just 1% of the perpetrators of violent crime. White people are 62% of the population but commit 50% of violent crimes.

We are told to believe that Donald Trump bears responsibility for the Atlanta shootings because he acknowledged that what was originally called Wuhan coronavirus originated in China.

To state the obvious, holding China accountable for the virus that it probably created at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, allowed to spread, and still won’t come straight about is not racist. No one is blaming Taiwan or ethnic Chinese in the USA. They are blaming the Chinese Communist Party, an institution that has killed tens of millions since 1949 and that is so patently evil only leftists would defend it.

Those running the media hate white people who are not part of the liberal elite with astonishing ferocity. They are not journalists but professional liars, who twist the truth into whatever shape necessary to advance their false and malicious narrative.

Paul Joseph Watson has had enough:

There is zero reason to take the toxic propaganda excreted by the liberal establishment media at face value. It is chum in a shark tank of vicious fools.

On a tip from KirklesWorth.

Mar 17 2021

Fake Video of Biden Appearance

Just how fake is the news we are presented by the liberal establishment media? You can get an idea by watching Biden’s right hand in this video:

Via Knuckledraggin My Life Away:

Biden stops to talk to reporters before leaving on Marine One, however his right hand displays on top of the video of the microphones in front of him, revealing it was shot on a green screen. … Also, they released a second angle, but his hand also blocks out a microphone on that one too.

Here’s the second angle:

Everything about the Biden Administration is phony and staged.

In the Soviet Union, the figurehead could be dead for months before the ruling party would admit it to the public, so that power struggles would have time to play out behind the scenes.

No wonder he won’t do a press conference. Maybe the conspicuously frail Biden has already passed away — not that it would make any difference, since he is not in a position mentally to make his own decisions.

On tips from Brian Brandt and Wiggins.

Mar 17 2021

Wall Street Journal Bans Term “Illegal Immigrant”

The warning bears repeating: when reading the Wall Street Journal, do not venture far from the editorial page, or you will find yourself awash in moonbattery. Currently we are experiencing a crisis at the border, Biden’s unconscionably irresponsible and arguably treasonous invitation to the Third World having produced an unprecedented tsunami of grasping invaders. These numberless illegal immigrants will be referred to using politically correct euphemisms by WSJ, which has banned reporters from using the term “illegal immigrant.”

Via Breitbart, where plain language is still permitted:

[I]n an update its style guide, the Journal states that while it will allow reporters to continue using the term “illegal immigration” to describe the process of illegal aliens arriving and staying in the U.S., it will no longer permit reporters to describe individuals as “illegal” or “illegal immigrant” in an effort to stop “labeling people.”

It follows that they won’t refer to doctors as “doctors.” They won’t refer to Americans as “Americans.” They won’t refer to Democrats as “Democrats.” That would be labeling people.

Instead of “illegal immigrant,” WSJ reporters are supposed to use unwieldy terms like “immigrants who entered the country illegally” or “people lacking permanent legal status.” Political correctness does not facilitate succinct writing.

Even the euphemisms “undocumented immigrants” and “unauthorized immigrants” are now banned by WSJ. Euphemisms are no longer euphemisms once everyone knows what they really mean. That’s why liberals now say “choice” instead of the former euphemism “abortion.”

WSJ is not alone in its campaign to rid the Newspeak Dictionary of words that might lead us astray into thoughtcrime regarding illegal immigrants. For example,

In 2013, as Breitbart News reported at the time, the Associated Press (AP) banned its reporters from using the term “illegal immigrant” and “illegal” to describe illegal aliens.

Most recently, President Joe Biden’s administration has banned the use of the terms “illegal alien” and “assimilation” and has instead blanketed all foreign nationals in the U.S. as “noncitizens” and “undocumented noncitizens.”

If FDR had shown comparable leadership, he would have banned use of the word “Japanese” after Pearl Harbor.

Deletions from the Newspeak Dictionary will find their way into law:

House Democrats filed legislation in January to ban the use of the term “illegal alien” and “alien” in federal law and documents.

The next step is federal criminal prosecution for infractions against the Newspeak Dictionary. Already, you can be fined $250,000 per offense for calling an illegal alien an “illegal alien” in the moonbat dystopia New York City.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

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