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Jun 04 2019

Daily Beast Doxes Creator of Drunk Pelosi Video

Propagandizing isn’t enough for some of the left-wing activists working as journalists. CNN bullied the creator of a humorous political video by threatening to dox him. Now the liberal press has moved beyond threats to action.

Writing in the Daily Beast, Kevin Poulsen, who has a criminal record himself, doxed a guy he accuses of making a doctored drunk Pelosi video that went viral, revealing his name and criminal history. Originally, the article even included his picture.

In an age of rising intolerance not to mention violence from the left, flagging people for personal destruction is serious business. OAN reports:

The assist from Fakebook is alarming but not surprising.

Making Pelosi look drunk doesn’t take much doctoring. Reportedly, the video was slowed down to 75% of its original speed to accentuate the Speaker’s already conspicuous lack of eloquence.

Hat tip: Other People’s Videos.

Jun 01 2019

New York Times Finds CNN, MSNBC Too Partisan

Better late than never. Looks like the New York Times — flagship publication of the liberal establishment — is finally trying to salvage some journalistic credibility. Whether this is the best way to go about it is debatable, but at least the shady Gray Lady is exhibiting some standards for a change. Reporters have been barred from appearing on over-the-top propaganda pageants hosted by rabid moonbats Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O’Donnell, and Don Lemon, lest the paper appear too partisan.

Tim Pool discusses the implications for a society that has been fracturing into two mutually exclusive realities:

CNN is such a skeevy operation that it takes 90 days for freelancers to get paid. Meanwhile, Rachel Maddow, having placed all her chips on the Russian collusion hoax, is in a ratings tailspin. No wonder even the NY Slimes is stepping away.

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May 21 2019

Jeff Daniels Predicts the End of Democracy

Bad news. Actor Jeff Daniels — possibly best known for playing Harry Dunne in Dumb and Dumber and Dumb and Dumber To, was brought onto a CNN panel to bestow upon us his sophisticated insight into the world of politics. He says if Trump is reelected, it will signify the End of Democracy:

One problem with democracy is sometimes elections don’t turn out the way you want. That doesn’t mean the end of democracy. The end of democracy will be when the liberal establishment becomes so adept at using its control of the media to brainwash the public that it can pick the winners every time.

Fortunately, media gatekeepers have been overplaying their hand to the point that ever more people will stop listening.

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May 18 2019

Liberal Elitists Overplay Their Hand

Its control of both the establishment media and social media seemed to grant ultimate power to the far left, which has predictably used this leverage to force the mainstream culture in its preferred direction. However, power has gone to the heads of liberal elitists.

In their arrogance, they have rushed the incrementalist approach that gives progressivism its name. Their ferocious radicalism, manifesting as hostility toward freedom of speech and the innocence of children, is driving people away. Rather than marginalizing normal people, which is the objective of Cultural Marxism, the activists controlling most of what you see on a screen are marginalizing themselves. That’s why they have been cracking down so hysterically on any thought that does not comply with their ideology.

More thoughts along these lines from Black Pigeon Speaks:

Note that the exploited boy at the beginning of the video is identified as Desmond Is Amazing (ie, Desmond Napoles). I identified him earlier as Nemis Quinn Mélançon-Golden (aka Lactatia), following Twitchy. It’s hard to tell who the poor kid is under the grotesque makeup, but it looks like Black Pigeon is correct (compare Nemis with Desmond).

Regardless, I hope both of these boys survive childhood with their minds intact.

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May 14 2019

Ben Shapiro Versus BBC Dinosaur Andrew Neil

In one corner, sharp-witted countermoonbat Ben Shapiro. In the other, an insufferable BBC dinosaur named Andrew Neil, bloated with pretension and condescending malice. Let’s see who wins:

My condolences to British readers. It must be nearly intolerable to be forced by the government to pay Andrew Neil’s salary.

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May 07 2019

Rise of the Citizen Journalist

To get an idea of how hard left the “mainstream” media has become, consider that it has driven even the left-leaning citizen journalist Tim Pool to debunk its extremist narrative:

So long as we still have freedom of speech and a free market, people will find solutions to every problem — even seemingly intractable problems like control of the information establishment by leftist Jacobins.

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May 04 2019

Brian Williams Lies Compilation

In honor of his rehabilitation, let’s salute the former and possible future top talking head at NBC News with this Brian Williams Lies Compilation, which underscores how blatantly he lied regarding his infamous Chinook and Katrina adventures:

If anyone deserves to be the face of NBC News, it’s Lyin’ Brian Williams.

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May 04 2019

Republicans Pounced Versus Republicans Seized

There has been a slight update to the Newspeak Dictionary. The phrase “Republicans pounced” has generated too much ridicule; politically correct propagandists should now use “Republicans seized” when attempting to shift the blame onto conservatives who comment on the outrageousness of leftists. This vocabulary change took place in the context of Alabama State Rep John Rogers, who as noted earlier said of unborn babies, “you kill them now or you kill them later.” That wasn’t the only astonishing remark he has made regarding abortion recently:

State Rep. John Rogers (D) was asked about Trump Jr.’s response to his initial abortion comments. He laughed, and launched into a monologue that seemed to suggest that maybe Trump Jr. should’ve been aborted, and calling the president’s son “retarded.”

This guy helps make the laws that people in Alabama have to live under:

The Blaze provides an attempt at a transcript.

At first The Hill defended Rogers with the standard “Republicans pounce” headline. Then they made the switch, as documented by Ryan Saavedra:

Although the word has been deprecated, journalists may continue to use “pounced” in the body of an article. “Republicans pounced” are still the first two words in the piece at The Hill.

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May 03 2019

New York Times Preaches Politics Even in the Food Section

Global warming is a totalitarian ideology. It is not merely about the weather, or about growing Big Government on behalf of the weather. It applies to every aspect of your existence. Say you are reading the New York Times and want to escape from the tedious lies that comprise politics so you turn to the Food section. Here’s what you will find:

The science is clear: The planet is warming. This fact can leave a home cook paralyzed at the stove or in the marketplace, choosing between the lamb and the tofu, the heritage carrots and the farm-raised fish. What to buy, if you want to help reduce your carbon footprint, the carbon footprint of our nation, our world? What to cook?

Readers are directed to an article purporting to explain how their diets make the climate change, an article explaining why we need to eat seaweed because that will keep the climate from continuing to fluctuate the way it always has, an article on what we must learn “from countries and cultures whose diets are climate-friendly,” and more.

Having picked up the NY Times, readers do not escape without a lecture:

You don’t have to become a vegan to make a difference! Just decreasing the amount of meat you eat can help reduce your climate footprint.

However, if you really cared about the climate, you would be a vegan.

Finally, don’t waste food. Plan out your menus and eat your leftovers, and you’ll be doing your part for a healthy planet.

Why would anyone voluntarily submit to being badgered regarding their personal habits by these militant screwballs? Because by complying with their demands, you can establish that you are a good person who piously reveres the climate gods.

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May 02 2019

Lyin’ Brian Williams Is Making a Comeback

Compulsive liar Brian Williams used to be top anchor for NBC News. Then his condition became public knowledge, and he was relegated to the moonbat fever swamp known as MSNBC. A few years have passed. Now he can be rehabilitated:

Here is what viewers can expect of the rehabilitated Lying’ Brian:

During MSNBC’s live coverage of Attorney General William Barr’s Wednesday congressional hearing on the Mueller report, known liar Brian Williams had the audacity to interrupt that coverage simply to smear Republican Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham [as] a liar. Graham’s supposed untruth? Accurately stating that Special Counsel Robert Mueller found “no collusion” between Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and Russia.

Looks like Big Journalism had to restore the career of Brian Williams because one Jim Acosta isn’t enough.

So much for trying to restore whatever public trust survived the Russian collusion debacle.

Actually, this may be the perfect time for Brian Williams to make a comeback. Who in the media can cast stones at a compulsive liar nowadays? It is not as if the public expects something other than lies anymore.

Trump’s road to reelection is clear. Run against the media. He couldn’t ask for an opponent more deserving of a beating.

This ham-fisted propagandizing passes for journalism now:

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Apr 27 2019

The Day Collusion Died

Moonbats in the media and the rest of the Democrat Party have struggled mightily to find something in the Mueller Report to prop up their collusion narrative. But the only thing worth noting that can be salvaged from the $32+ million report is an update on the song “American Pie” by Don McLean:

Thankfully for the Trump 2020 campaign, the monomaniacal fools who run the media will not let it go and just let it die. The liberal establishment must always be right, even when it has been clearly established that it is wrong.

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Apr 24 2019

WaPo Tries to Trivialize Christian Persecution

What exactly does the term “far right” mean? At the Washington Post, it means anyone who is not so far left as to be delusional. For example, anyone who acknowledges that the Islamic terror attacks in Sri Lanka that killed over 300 on Easter were part of a bigger picture qualifies as “far right.” Seriously:

The Washington Post suggested that reporting on this terrorism against Christians is far-right paranoia.

This spin was created by quoting frequently demonized figures like Marine Le Pen, Katie Hopkins, and Frank Gaffney, who like most of us are opposed to Muslims murdering people for being Christian.

Then they linked this to Trump supporters on Reddit who objected to the apparent inability of Obama and Hillary to type the word “Christian.” This serves to trivialize the carnage, and to politicize it by implying that anyone who puts it within the greater context of the escalating 1,400-year-long war Islam has been waging against Christianity must be a Trump supporter, the ickiest type of person imaginable from the viewpoint of WaPo’s liberal elite readership.

Stand by for the most staggeringly stupid piece of misinformation I have read in WaPo yet, published the day after the Sri Lanka attacks:

“Although Christian minorities are targeted around the world, analysts say that the vast majority of terrorism victims globally are Muslims.”

As kids used to say, no duh. That’s because Muslims tend to live in Muslim countries, and are therefore surrounded by terrorists, who constantly blow each other up over internal disputes within Islam. The attempt to imply that man bites dog stories like the Christchurch mosque shootings are more common that Islamic terrorism against Christians may be the most shameful lie WaPo has ever printed.

Here’s something WaPo won’t print:

In 2017, the Christian organization Open Doors reported that Christianity was the most persecuted religion in the world. Islamic oppression fueled two-thirds of global Christian persecution in 2017.

Also in 2017, the Catholic organization Aid to the Church in Need reported that persecution and genocide of Christians across the world was worse “than at any time in history.” Christian persecution worsened between 2015 and 2017, and has grown more violent than at any point in modern times.

Acknowledging this places you at risk of being denounced as “far right” by the same Islamophilic, Cultural Marxist media establishment that manages to pass itself off as “mainstream.”

Hat tip: Maggie’s Farm.

Apr 23 2019

MSNBC Harasses Robert Mueller After Easter Services

Not long ago, liberal establishmentarians revered Robert Mueller. They had faith that he would deliver Trump’s head on a platter. Then he let them down by admitting that Trump is not a Russian spy. Now, this is the treatment he gets on his way home from Easter services: Read more »

Apr 23 2019

Incitement to Violence, Part II

As mentioned earlier, “incitement to violence” is a prime example of the Democrat tendency to falsely accuse their opponents of doing exactly what they have been doing themselves. In this case, the habit of twisting terms also comes into play. The very word liberal means the opposite of what it did before it was hijacked by leftists; a liberal used to be someone who wanted more individual liberty, not less. Likewise, the word violence has been redefined in some quarters to refer to the refusal to capitulate to leftism. The result of the projection and linguistic confusion is pure farce: Read more »

Apr 19 2019

Race Riot Triggers Epidemic of Color Blindness

A health crisis has broken out in Chicago. An epidemic of color blindness has devastated the already frail credibility of area journalists.

Normally liberal journalists are acutely aware of color, to the point of placing their obsession with negritude and alleged black oppression at the center of the universe and insisting others do the same or be denounced as “racists.” However, this keen color perception, so essential to a journalist’s career, can become completely disabled by a certain type of event — like the riots that periodically occur on or near Chicago’s Magnificent Mile: Read more »

Apr 17 2019

Thought Cop Shep Smith Filters Notre Dame Info

The Notre Dame fire appears to have been an accident, but we can’t know for sure, because information supporting arson might be suppressed by the liberal establishment on behalf of Muslims. Watch how fast Fox News thought cop Shep Smith shuts down an interviewee for putting Notre Dame in the context of other French churches that have burned:

Ham-fisted attempts to regulate the narrative could have unintended consequences. People will distrust the official version and come to their own conclusions, even in the absence of evidence.

On a tip from KirklesWorth.

Apr 17 2019

Celebrating the Notre Dame Fire

It isn’t just the Washington Post. In the aftermath of the Notre Dame fire, the fake news peddlers at BuzzFeed were just as quick to propagandize against countermoonbats and in defense of Islam. Paul Joseph Watson reveals how low they stoop:

No wonder BuzzFeed is circling the drain. Most people don’t like being lied to.

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Apr 17 2019

Denounced for Acknowledging Notre Dame

It would be impossible to overstate the malice and foolishness of Cultural Marxist publications like the Washington Post, whose Talia Lavin yesterday took Ben Shapiro behind the woodshed for making the indisputable observation that Notre Dame symbolizes Western Civilization:

[F]ast-talking far-right [sic] pundit Ben Shapiro called Notre Dame a “monument to Western civilization” and “Judeo-Christian heritage.” Given the already-raging rumors about potential Muslim involvement, these tweets evoked the specter of a war between Islam and the West that is already part of numerous far-right narratives; it was also a central thread in the manifesto of Brenton Tarrant, the alleged Christchurch, New Zealand, shooter.

If even a moderate conservative who scrupulously obeys the strictures of political correctness recognizes the cultural significance of Notre Dame, this puts him in a box with a mass murderer.

Such villains must not be permitted to express unwoke facts. The WaPo editorial ominously concludes:

It is past time that those who stoke inflammatory rhetoric, knowing its potential to catalyze racist violence, were made to stop playing with fire — before it’s too late to control the inferno.

Sounds like she would like to see Shapiro imprisoned for his allegedly inflammatory awareness of Notre Dame’s significance.

It isn’t enough for them to hate European heritage. Progressives want to prevent us from acknowledging that there even is such a thing.

Reasoning with the Jacobins who now comprise the Democrat mainstream is not feasible. However, clear-headed reasoning is Shapiro’s stock and trade, so he had to try anyway. This drew a predictable response from the liberal establishment:

You may as well try to reason with a monkey as it flings its feces through the bars at you. The only difference is that these monkeys may soon have complete control of the zoo.

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Apr 13 2019

Austin Smith Kills Family, Media Hides Why

When I heard on the radio that a guy had killed his wife and two of their kids because God wanted him to, I struggled to make sense of it. Even in this day and age, how could someone that psychotic be running around loose? I should have guessed the crucial detail they neglected to mention — which is also missing from today’s report on national Fox News:

Two young children and two adults were killed in Phoenix after a man accused his wife of having an affair with his brother, according to reports. …

[Austin Smith] is accused of killing his 29-year-old wife, two of their three children and a 46-old man who was a friend of his brother’s.

It started when Smith confronted his wife over the possibly imaginary affair.

After her denial, that’s when he told police God told him to shoot her…

He told police he next killed 5-year-old Nasha because she was going against God’s law and then killed 7-year-old Mayan with [a baseball bat] because she was weeping for the wicked, according to the station.

Then he took the carnage on the road to his brother’s apartment, shooting three people, one of whom died. Wow, religion sure is bad!

Can you guess the key detail Fox News fails to mention, possibly because everyone is afraid of getting the Jeanine Pirro treatment?

We turn now to local Fox 10:

Now we are getting somewhere. Looks like we can add four more to the thousands upon thousands killed over the centuries in the name of the Religion of Peace.

Given that violence against women is a hallmark of Islam, responsible news outlets would report the probable Muslim connection, rather than leave the public to imagine that Smith is some Hollyweird parody of a Christian. Yet Fox News is not alone in failing to mention it.

ABC News even gives the story the following subheading:

Austin Smith allegedly told police he acted “under his religious beliefs.”

But the story never mentions Islam. “It’s unclear what religion Smith practices,” we are told. Don’t hold your breath waiting for them to follow up on Danielle Miller’s lead.

On a tip from Varla.

Apr 12 2019

Boston Globe Editorial: Tamper With Kirstjen Nielsen’s Food

Professional racist Jesse Jackson boasted that he spit in white people’s food when he worked in a restaurant. The moonbats who infest the “mainstream” media are cut of similar cloth — although for now they will sometimes back down from their more extreme outbursts:

After publishing an op-ed from Luke O’Neil that endorsed tampering [with] food intended for officials from the Trump administration, The Boston Globe edited the piece to tone it down.

Here is how O’Neil ended his enlightened piece on political tolerance entitled “Keep Kirstjen Nielsen Unemployed and Eating Grubhub Over Her Kitchen Sink”:

As for the waiters out there, I’m not saying you should tamper with anyone’s food, as that could get you into trouble. You might lose your serving job. But you’d be serving America. And you won’t have any regrets years later.

Restaurant workers have been known to do disgusting not to mention unhealthy things to people’s food when they bear a grudge. O’Neil wants to see more of this.

Even now, the MSM has vestigial traces of shame. Backlash on social media caused the Boston Globe to revise the column to end like this:

Living in Boston, we’re no strangers to visitors from any administration, whether they’ve been given a lecture role at a school like Harvard — which doesn’t seem to have any compunctions about welcoming literal comic book-style villains to campus — or of any of a number of other prestigious tech or academic institutions in the area. Invariably the bad guys, like the rest of us, will have to eat.

And when they show up in our restaurants, you have my permission, as an official member of the mainstream media, to tell them where to go and what they can do with themselves when they arrive there, but, you know, said in a more specific and traditional Boston colloquialism.

Kirstjen Nielsen qualifies as a “literal comic book-style villain” because she served as Director of Homeland Security in a Republican administration. Therefore, she deserves to be harassed or denied service if she dines out, as belligerently tolerant liberals have already done to her (as well as to Sarah Sanders, Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz, a random teenager wearing a MAGA cap, etc). The current Chair of the House Financial Services Committee encourages such behavior.

The original editorial also stated that one of the “biggest regrets” in O’Neil’s life is “not pissing in Bill Kristol’s salmon.” It has now been pulled altogether due to the blowback, and possibly because it revealed more than the editors wanted about their mentality.

The Washington Post, for whom O’Neil has also written, reports that

Rather than quell the outrage, though, the decision [to take down the vile editorial] incensed others, including O’Neil, who slammed the publication’s integrity.

That is, the Boston Globe lacks integrity because it did not stick by a piece suggesting that people should urinate in Kirstjen Nielsen’s food.

O’Neil has no regrets about writing it:

“I do not apologize for it personally whatsoever,” he said.

He isn’t the only one pleased with the clot of bile he coughed up.

Shirley Leung, the newspaper’s interim editorial page editor, shared the article to Twitter on Wednesday.

Imagine trusting people of this caliber to tell you what’s going on out there.

On a tip from 1-Bodhisattva.

Apr 08 2019

Father of American Captive on Foley Foundation Capitulation

As noted earlier, the James W. Foley Legacy Foundation cowardly caved to bullying from CNN’s British-Iranian Christiane Amanpour and others in the media to pull an award from Mike Pompeo that he had earned by freeing Americans held abroad. Let’s see how the father of a young woman held by ISIS feels about this:

Carl Mueller’s daughter, Kayla Mueller, was a young Christian woman from Prescott, Arizona, who “was drawn to alleviate the suffering of Syrian refugees,” according to her family. … Kayla was kidnapped on Aug. 4, 2013 by ISIS militants, who ambushed her vehicle as she left a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Aleppo. For 18 months, she was held hostage and reportedly abused personally by ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Kayla Mueller reportedly refused to convert to Islam, even defending her Christian faith to terrorists, whereas countless others through the centuries have yielded to Muslim coercion. She died at age 26, evidently in ISIS custody, although the actual cause of death is unknown.

[Carl] Mueller was so angered by the Freedom Awards Dinner that he “literally got up and left” after he “suffered through [keynote speaker Christiane Amanpour’s] little speech.”

Lamented Mueller,

“It’s typical when a foundation gets as large as the Foley Foundation, and it’s very sad that it cowers down and bows down to the pressure from the left media. I find that very disturbing.”

He even had to wonder whether the Foley Foundation would support a conservative reporter taken captive abroad.

To placate media leftists, the award Pompeo had earned was given to an Obama era diplomat Brett McGurk instead. Mueller confirms that the Trump Administration has shown much more concern for Americans held abroad and their families than did the Obama Administration (although Obama did go out of his way for the treasonous Bowe Bergdahl). But that does not fit the media narrative.

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Apr 04 2019

Media Gets Award Pulled From Mike Pompeo

Only moonbats qualify for awards. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo learned this after he earned a freedom award for freeing political prisoners, only to see it quickly rescinded under pressure from the “mainstream” media:

The James W. Foley Legacy Foundation, named for the journalist beheaded in 2014 by ISIS forces, had announced that at its dinner Tuesday night at the National Press Club Pompeo would receive the “2019 Foley American Hostage Freedom Award.” …

But soon after it was announced, the foundation withdrew it. What’s more, they also disinvited Pompeo from the event due to protests from angered media members who threatened to disrupt the event.

Yielding to the media’s bullying with the alacrity of university educrats eagerly knuckling under to leftist hooligans, they gave the award Pompeo had earned to Obama-era diplomat Brett McGurk instead. That should earn a pat on the head from the media powers that be.

If you want to win the award, make sure to be on the liberal side. The game is not played on a level field.

Unsurprisingly, media bullies who deprived Pompeo of his award included CNN’s dreadful Christiane Amanpour.

The objective was to prevent the public from becoming aware of the Trump Administration’s success in securing the release of Americans held abroad.

In theory, the role of the news media is to inform the public. In practice, its role is to prevent the public from becoming informed.

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Mar 29 2019

What Does It Take for Trump to Be Exonerated?

After 2½ years of painstaking digging by Robert Mueller and his merry band of highly motivated leftists, zero evidence could be found substantiating the media’s inflammatory claims of collusion. So Trump has been exonerated, right? Not so fast.

In politics, perception is reality. Perception is largely controlled by the “mainstream” media, which in turn is controlled by militantly partisan Democrats. Consequently,

A surprising poll from CNN shows just how many Americans believe President Donald Trump is totally exonerated of accusations of colluding with the Russian government to influence the 2016 election. …

56 percent say the president and his campaign have not been exonerated, while 43 percent say he and his campaign have been exonerated.

That 43% is nearly identical to the 42% that had resisted media brainwashing earlier, believing before the report was finished that Trump had not colluded. They could have saved taxpayers $millions by not bothering with the report, since it had no significant effect on public opinion.

No wonder Rachel Maddow reacted to the report clearing the president of treason by fighting back tears, then doubling down on her debunked accusations. If she told her audience that Trump wants us to believe that the sun rises in the east because he is a racist, they would convince themselves that it rises in the west.

The Democrats running the media want their audience angry. If they wanted the sheep to be happy, they could just report that Obama is still president, leaving the herd of gullible fools to wallow in blissfully smug satisfaction.

Mar 27 2019

Russiagate Retrospective: Mueller Media Failures

The noose is tightening; the walls are closing in … on the left-wing media establishment, which no serious person will take seriously any time soon following the spectacular collapse of the Russiagate hoax:

The only way MSM moonbats look good is with egg on their faces. Fortunately, their smug mugs are usually running with it. None of them seems to know enough to wipe it off by begging forgiveness for their deceptive coverage and promising to be more honest in the future. Astonishingly, Rachel Madcow is actually doubling down on the collusion canard, even after it has been definitively exposed as groundless.

On tips from 1-Bodhisattva. Hat tip: NewsBusters.

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