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May 14 2022

Facebook Cripples Back the Blue Golf Tournament

To learn what it means to let moonbats like Mark Zuckerberg control the flow of information, ask Boston real estate executive Dan DiMatteo, who has organized a “Back the Blue” golf tournament for June 13 — with no help from our Big Tech overlords:

He just wants to put on a friendly golf tournament to help promote police, first responders and those serving in the military. The goal is to raise $100,000 to “distribute evenly” to the tournament’s four sponsors.

Those sponsors are: State Police Association of Massachusetts Benevolent Fund, Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Foundation, Boston Police Foundation and Tunnel to Towers Foundation.

“It’s a charity golf tournament,” DiMatteo told the Herald, but Meta has suddenly cracked down on posting anything on their platforms.

He calls it “a black and white example of censoring.” What do you expect, when you promote such a controversial cause?

DiMatteo said he’s posted to Instagram and Facebook before and spends money on the sites for his real estate business.

But all the hoops he’s being made to jump through smacks of a left-wing, anti-police agenda playing out in the metaverse.

DiMatteo should host a looting tournament to raise money so that Black Lives Matter grifters can buy another mansion. Fakebook will grease the skids for him.

For more on creepy cyborg Mark Zuckerberg’s deleterious effect on American society, watch Dinesh D’Souza’s 2000 Mules. It suggests how some of the $419 million Zuckerberg pumped into the 2020 election was spent. Spoiler alert: someone had to pay scumbags to dump enough illicit ballots into drop boxes to tip a few swings states in favor of Biden.

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