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Nov 06 2020

Peaceful Protester Devina Singh and Jerrold Nadler

How much distance separates the vicious, hebephrenic, ultra-left maniacs who have rioted many hundreds of times this year from the top echelons of the Democratic Party? It can be measured in micrometers, to judge by Devina Singh, whom readers will recall as the New York City moonbat who was arrested Wednesday night for spitting in the face of a police officer during a pandemic:

As predicted, she didn’t stay in custody for long. Fox News has more information on her:

Singh said she’d just been released from court following her arrest during a tumultuous night of anti-cop demonstrations by left-wing radicals chanting, “Burn the precinct to the ground!” …

Singh has been collared before for allegedly resisting arrest at a September protest in Manhattan, police said. The next month, she was busted on unlawful assembly charges at a demonstration in Brooklyn.

Getting arrested is fun when you know cops have to be extra gentle and the legal system will immediately turn you loose to do it again.

Barks Devina,

“Take it to the streets and f–k the police; no justice, no peace.”

What kind of background produces such a sociopath?

Her Facebook profile says she attended New York University and studied global public health and social work and worked as an intern for Congressman Jerrold Nadler for five months from 2018 to 2019.

Jerrold Nadler was a key figure in Trump’s groundless impeachment, an attempted coup that undermined the separation of powers that is key to our system of government. Nadler denies the existence of Antifa violence.

If leftists prevail in their bid to appropriate the White House, Devina Singh will personify our rulers.

Hat tips: Liberty Daily, Clash Daily.


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