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Feb 07 2023

Fascism and Liberalism Have Switched Meanings

Fascism used to mean absolute government. “All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state,” barked its Founding Father Benito Mussolini. Fools and maniacs advocate absolute government to this day. Because their ideology is based on postmodernism, they hope to achieve it by manipulating language. This is why they call themselves “liberals.” That term previously referred to advocates of individual liberty like Thomas Jefferson, who held views diametrically opposed to those of modern liberals. In the same spirit, authoritarians have redefined “fascism” to mean what “liberalism” used to mean.

A moonbat who demonstrates that she really means it by dropping the F-bomb every few words provides a Newspeak Dictionary update on the definition of “fascism”:

Today’s lecture:

“In terms of economic theory, fascism is the genuine belief that individuals are responsible for their own well-being and welfare.”

Nazis didn’t get the memo:

Adolf Eichmann viewed National Socialism and communism as “quasi-siblings,” explaining in his memoirs that he “inclined towards the left and emphasized socialist aspects every bit as much as nationalist ones.” As late as 1944, Propaganda Minister Josef Goebbels publicly celebrated “our socialism,” reminding his war-weary subjects that Germany “alone [has] the best social welfare measures.” Contrast this, he advised, with the Jews, who were the very “incarnation of capitalism.”

But now we know that personal responsibility is bad due to alleged links to white supremacism and Christianity. It is a tool of “colonization.” That’s why the freedom to own property — arguably the foundation of all individual liberty — is fascism, as surely as the desire to impose omnipotent, omnipresent government is liberalism.

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