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Jan 05 2024

Fat Con Waddles Into Seattle

The Cultural Marxist promotion of morbid obesity as the latest claim to precious “oppressed” status totters forward in the moonbat bastion Seattle, which is hosting Fat Con this weekend:

The convention will feature over 30 hours of programming to gorge on, including a fashion show. Keynote speakers include Dr. Bianca Laureano, a sexologist and activist, and “Alotta Boutté,” a Bay area cabaret and burlesque performer.

Drag queens aren’t the only moonbats with cleverly tasteless pseudonyms.

Fat liberation demands that society and institutions pretend there are no significant health consequences of obesity.

Like every other aspect of woke ideology, this is not merely a lie but a dangerous lie.

The movement even goes as far as to shame people who aren’t attracted to overweight people.

If social engineers can command us to find transsexuals attractive, why not the monstrously obese?

Yet again, leftists attempt to cudgel us into ideological compliance by making us feel guilty about other people’s hurt feelings. But the feelings of the severely obese are not nearly as important as the need for them to lose weight before they lose years off their lives. The privilege bestowed upon members of the Cultural Marxist coalition cannot compensated for the damage to their health.

Maybe Fat Con will see the launch of Fat Lives Matter. Then come mobs of Michael Moore types burning down police stations and of course looting stores. It has already begun.

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