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Jul 29 2023

Obese Women Loot in California

The latest oppressed identity group to join the Cultural Marxist coalition is the morbidly obese. They are even holding a convention this Halloween to celebrate their hurtful marginalization. You can tell they are put-upon because they shop like Black Lives Matter looters — just a little more slowly:

Via Daily Mail:

The brazen heist unfolded [last] Saturday at the discount retailer’s North Freeway Boulevard location in Sacramento, where the three women were caught on camera trudging away with shopping carts loaded with stolen goods.

‘D**n look at these people stealing! Say hi to the camera!’ the bystander filming the incident can be heard saying, as alarms blared and the shoplifters piled mounds of clothing and shoes into the trunk of a red Dodge Charger.

Under moonbat rule, shoplifting is all but legal in California. Property is theft, according to the prevailing ideology. However, in this case authorities might investigate:

[I]n addition to audaciously looting the Burlington store, the three shoplifters had parked in a handicap spot without displaying a placard.

Major chains have been forced to close stores due to out of control shoplifting. No worries; California lawmakers are addressing the issue:

Although California has been one of the epicenters of organized retail crime, state lawmakers there are considering legislation that would ban store employees from confronting thieves.

Senate Bill 553 was passed by the state Senate last month and is currently in committee in the state Assembly.

No problem Democrats create is so awful that they can’t pass legislation making it even worse.

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