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Aug 10 2023

FBI Kills Old Guy After Social Media Posts

At this point, taunting the FBI could be hazardous to your health:

Craig Deleeuw Robertson of Provo, Utah, who was described by the FBI as being between the ages of 70-75, was shot during an early morning FBI raid on his home at about 6:15 a.m.

They came to serve arrest and search warrants over social media posts threatening Joe Biden and other left-wing pols on social media. In addition,

On July 27, he allegedly wrote, “Hey FBI, you still monitoring my social media? Checking so I can be sure to have a loaded gun handy in case you drop by again.”

Robertson had made it obvious that pulling the sort of raid they used to terrorize Mark Houck for opposing abortion would elicit an armed response, yet they chose to use ham-fisted tactics.

Neighbors described Robertson to Deseret News as being “overweight” and walking with a “cane.”

One neighbor described Robertson as “a big story teller [who] likes the attention of big stories” and remarked,

“So a man that sits at home all day, doesn’t have much to do, if he’s on his phone and is involved in politics and has strong political opinions, I’m not surprised that he would make posts like that to try to receive attention.”

It seems likely the FBI could have found a way to bring him in without violence. But then Robertson did ask for the Bonnie and Clyde treatment.

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