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Dec 26 2022

“Female” Declared Offensive as Concept Is Eradicated

The LGBT War on Womanhood has resulted in another update to the Newspeak Dictionary. The same prestigious Cambridge Dictionary that recently redefined the word “woman” into meaninglessness now proclaims that most people find the noun “female” offensive outside scientific writing:

Speaking of science, it may be harnessed to do the bidding of our depraved moonbat overlords. Obliterating the gender binary in accordance with liberal ideology requires more than demasculinizing men and disavowing women. This could suggest the future they have in mind for the human race:

Scientists in Israel have for the first time created male and female stem cells from the same person.

This has been done because of how profoundly men and women differ.

For much of medical history, the male body was the default for investigating illness, biology and drug responses. …

But a growing body of research in recent decades is finding that the differences are far more extensive than we might expect.

That’s why scientists were motivated to fabricate “male and female cells that are genetically identical but for the sex chromosomes.”

The intent is constructive, but the implications could be grotesque, given cultural trends.

Now all we have to do is get rid of the sex chromosomes. Artificial wombs are already on the way.

In utopia, the divorce between sex and procreation will be complete, along with the eradication of male and female.

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