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Dec 13 2022

Newspeak Dictionary Redefines “Woman”

Updates to the Newspeak Dictionary do not always take the form of direct deletion of words from our vocabulary. Sometimes words that it is not expedient to erase entirely have the definition changed, so as to facilitate goodthink. Matt Walsh has caused some discomfort among liberals, who have been unable to define “woman” in light of LGBT dogma. But they can define it now:

They didn’t go with “someone who menstruates” or “someone who owns a vulva” because those definitions would have been too close to accurate. The new definition does not erase the word “woman,” but it does erase the concept.

Sorry ladies; you no longer exist. Don’t feel too bad. Men have been erased too:

Biology and the English language have both been offered up as sacrifices to liberals’ Cult of LGBT.

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