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Dec 02 2020

Fifteen Signs You’re in an Abusive Relationship With Your Government

Whatever you do, stay out of abusive relationships. In the video below, psychologist Richard Schulman lists a few signs that you have become trapped in one. An abusive partner…

1. Stops you from seeing friends and family;

2. Won’t let you go out without permission;

3. Tells you what to wear;

4. Monitors your phone and emails;

5. Controls your finances;

6. Controls what you read, watch, and say;

7. Monitors everything you do;

8. Punishes you for breaking rules that keep changing;

9. Tells you the abuse is for your own good;

10. Pretends to know better;

11. Doesn’t allow you to question;

12. Tells you that you’re crazy and no one agrees with you;

13. Calls you names and shames you;

14. Gaslights you, attempting to change your memory of events; and

15. Plays the victim when things go wrong.

If all this sounds familiar, you might be thinking of our relationship with Big Government under COVID-19 tyranny.

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