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Dec 02 2020

Crackdown on Lockdown-Defying Staten Island Bar

Despite the defunding craze, progressives only want to degrade the police, not abolish them. Without police, how can you have a police state like the one that is taking hold in New York? Thanks to ChiCom virus hysteria, the gloves are coming off:

The New York City Sheriff’s Department raided a Staten Island bar Tuesday night, shutting down the business and arresting one of its owners after the bar continued regular operation despite coronavirus lockdown measures.

Mac’s Public House had declared itself an “autonomous zone” and thereby not subject to Andrew Cuomo’s arbitrary coronavirus decrees. As we saw in Seattle, when hooligans occupy property that does not belong to them in the name of leftist ideology, authorities leave them to it for weeks on end. Business owners trying to make a living are treated differently.

The bar is located inside an “orange zone,” which, under the health guidelines, means that it is limited to offering outdoor dining and takeout and delivery services only.

Outdoor dining in New York City in December is not going to keep many businesses afloat.

When Danny Presti, who co-owns the establishment with Keith McAlarney, wouldn’t cooperate, he was taken away in handcuffs.

Too bad they didn’t think to spray the window with Black Lives Matter graffiti and bring in a statue of George Washington to smash. Orders would have come down to leave them alone.

The bar had already been subjected to thousands of dollars in fines and had its state liquor license revoked in the days prior.

Authoritarianism doesn’t work unless nails that stand up get hammered down.

Mac’s had been attempting to skirt lockdown restrictions and circumvent their licenses being revoked by offering food and beverages for free while asking patrons for donations.

It’s hard to get off on a technicality when the crime is not so much selling food and drink as it is the owners’ defiant attitude.

Greg Kelly provides a platform to Staten Island’s COVID criminals:

They couldn’t find the manpower to keep Black Lives Matter riots from getting out of hand, but the authorities sure have Mac’s Public House under control.

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