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Mar 04 2021

Former Redskins Drop Cheerleaders

Once you start giving in to the moonbat mob, too much compliance is never enough. The Washington Redskins wimped out and changed their supposedly offensive name to the Washington Football Team, because inclusivity requires the exclusion of references to Indians. Not enough. Now they are getting rid of cheerleaders, no doubt because feminazis consider them sexist. Instead, they will offer an unappealing but politically correct “coed dance squad”:

Petra Pope, the club’s newly hired senior adviser, told USA TODAY Sports on Tuesday that the new dance squad looks to become more modern and diverseā€¦

Pope says the dance squad will emphasize “inclusivity.” Presumably whites can still apply though.

The Redskins Football Team was recently in hot water after employees allegedly created videos of calendar shoot outtakes featuring cheerleaders who were not fully clothed. A settlement was paid.

Comments Not the Bee,

Pope also said that the future dance squad will not participate in calendar photo shoots. At least we have that to be grateful for.

If there is still any reason to sit through football games, the NFL will find and eliminate it in the name of woke politics.

Petra Pope promises a “different vibe.”

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