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May 10 2021

France Is Heading for Civil War

Liberal policies are not even meant to be sustainable. They are meant to destroy. The leftists who pump moonbattery into the culture presumably assume that they will rule over whatever replaces civilization after they have brought it down. They may be in for a surprise. You never know in advance what you will find on the other side of a civil war — though France may find out in the foreseeable future.

Decades of politically correctly allowing colonization by the Islamic world are coming to a head. Active duty military expect civil war, as Paul Joseph Watson reports:

Combine Islamic colonization with the fashionable Black Lives Matter mentality and large-scale violence becomes inevitable. The outcome of the civil war would be certain — if the French took their own side. Liberal rot has eaten so deeply into their national character that most probably won’t.

Anglo-Saxons bailed them out against the Germans, but this time they are on their own. They can rally behind Marine Le Pen or someone like her, or they can shuffle into a national grave.


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