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Apr 16 2021

France: No Murder Charge for Throwing Jew Out Window

It’s okay to kill Jews in occupied France — provided you are a Muslim colonist from Africa and claim to have been high at the time. You might have to endure a little treatment at a psychiatric hospital, but if you really feel compelled to murder people for religious reasons, it is probably worth it. Just ask Kobili Traoré:

The French Supreme Court of Appeal (Court of Cassation) has ruled that Kobili Traoré, who killed his elderly Jewish neighbour Sarah Halimi on 4th April, 2017, is ineligible to stand trial because he was under the influence of cannabis and therefore not criminally responsible for his actions. Traoré was sent to a psychiatric hospital for treatment where he has since remained.

And from which he might be released to kill again at any time.

Mali-born Traoré, who has previous convictions for violence and drug trafficking, had beaten the 65-year-old physician Ms Halimi for twenty minutes whilst shouting “Allahu Akbar” and “I have killed the shaitan” – devil in Arabic – before throwing her out of her apartment window.

Traoré says he was not motivated by antisemitism; it’s just that the sight of a Torah and Menorah in Halimi’s apartment set him off.

Traoré was known to attend Mosquée Omar, one of the most radical mosques in Paris.

As France allows itself to become absorbed by the umma, Jews are advised to get out of there. The same will soon go for all non-Muslims.

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