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Oct 19 2020

Frankenstein Sex Change

Imagine the Frankenstein story as told by a depraved pornographer. That’s the world we are living in now.

Via Christian Post:

Doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston are seeking approval to perform a first-of-its-kind surgery to attach the penis of a dead man onto a woman who identifies as transgender.

Says plastic and reconstructive surgeon Curtis Cetrulo,

“It’s certainly pushing the boundaries.”

That’s what moonbats feel compelled to do, so long as there still are any boundaries other than those of political correctness.

Current female-to-male procedures are nightmarish enough. Breasts are surgically removed. In addition,

During phalloplasty operations, tissue is surgically removed from the patient’s forearm and thigh to construct a pseudo-phallus. These complex operations often involve several follow-up procedures.

Nothing more unnatural occurred on the Island of Dr Moreau.

Investigative journalist Jennifer Bilek is no fan of the new Frankenphallus procedure:

“Adding the sex organ of a dead individual to fulfill an attempt to sculpt a preposterous falsehood — that of changing sex — shows how malignant the propaganda of ‘transgenderism’ has become in western cultures,” she continued, when asked to comment on what has most contributed to the breakdown in medical ethics in this arena.

“We ought to be ashamed, but we celebrate it. These medical professionals should be brought up on charges and we laud them instead, as they stuff their pockets on young people’s pain and will stuff them again to cure necrosis bound to occur from attaching dead flesh to live bodies.”

You can see why Democrats want socialized medicine. Only taxpayers have enough money to keep pushing the boundaries. In the meantime, expect the cost of health insurance to continue to skyrocket.

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