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Nov 22 2020

George Floyd Exhibit at Holocaust Center

To succumb to moonbattery is to lose all sense of perspective. To a moonbat, a violent career criminal dying of a fentanyl overdose while resisting arrest is comparable to murdering 6 million innocents for being Jewish. Seriously, they are that deranged:

A new exhibit at the Holocaust Memorial Resource & Education Center in Maitland [Florida] features powerful and inspiring photos taken in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

No evidence has been presented that race was a factor in Floyd’s death. Yet it was exploited as a pretext for race riots that raged throughout the country, with the enthusiastic encouragement of the liberal media establishment and the tacit consent of local Democrat officials. That’s why the demise of George Floyd is on a par with the Final Solution.

This not only absurdly inflates the significance of George Floyd, but trivializes the Holocaust. When everything is a horrific tragedy, nothing is.

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