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Nov 23 2020

LGBT Bully Jayne Ozanne: Christians Worse Than Killers of Christ

Given that a black criminal dying of a fentanyl overdose while resisting arrest is on a par with the Holocaust, no one should be surprised to learn that Christians who uphold Biblical morality are worse than the Roman soldiers who crucified Jesus.

Via Breitbart:

In a recent article for Pink News, [LGBT activist Jayne] Ozanne, director of the UK-based Ozanne Foundation and General Synod member, blasted the Church of England for upholding Christian teaching on marriage and sexuality….

Ozanne works with religious organisations around the world in an effort to persuade them to update their moral teachings to accommodate LGBT sexual lifestyles.

This is the equivalent of evangelizing vegans to eat steak or the Founding Fathers to embrace tyranny.

Ozanne accomplishes her task by browbeating the opposition with hyperbole:

Unlike the soldiers who crucified Jesus, church leaders know they are “wounding and hurting” LGBT people by propagating biblical sexual morality, Ozanne writes, and thus Jesus’ prayer — “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do” — does not apply to them.

Everything Christians do is offensive — even listening to the demands of LGBT militants.

The Anglican Church’s invitation to LGBT people to dialogue with Church leaders is also unacceptable, Ozanne insists.

“Would one invite a survivor of the Holocaust to sit down and listen to the rantings of a Holocaust denier?” she asks.

What is it that makes Christians so outrageous?

Ozanne takes particular issue with the idea that Christians with same-sex attraction should be encouraged to live celibate lives rather than engaging in homosexual relations.

The problem with Christians is that some of them still believe in Christian teachings. But bullies like Ozanne are working on that.

Ozanne suggests that Christians who do not celebrate gay sex should be prosecuted for hate speech and notions of religious liberty should not allow churches to teach that sodomy is sinful.

Next, thieves will form activist groups demanding that no Christian be permitted to characterize theft as sinful.

It seemed like only yesterday that the LGBT crowd called for tolerance. But there will be no tolerance now that they think they have the upper hand.

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