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Apr 06 2022

Global Warming Ideology Applied to San Diego Road

The global warming ideology of our progressive ruling class is insane. It is a totalitarian ideology, so the madness is applied to everything moonbats have power over. Roads, for example:

Gold Coast Drive in Mira Mesa has been redesigned by the City of San Diego, with one lane in the middle, and bike lanes on both sides.

Residents told KUSI’s Dan Plante that it’s not only laughable, but they think the new design is much more dangerous than it was before. To make matters worse, the City of San Diego didn’t consult or notify anybody in the community before they did it.

Residents don’t matter. All that matters is the climate — or rather, pious virtue signaling on behalf of the climate.

As KUSI’s Dan Plante reports, this is just the latest example of the City’s, “Climate Action Goals Gone Wild.”

Good thing there is no oncoming traffic at the moment:

You don’t need a science degree to figure out how much this lunacy will impact the supposedly problematic global climate.

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