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Mar 28 2022

Global Warmist Bill Gates and His Beach Mansion

Speaking for the globalist liberal elite, prominent ecowarrior Bill Gates tells us to eat synthetic food because according to their religion, meat causes global warming, which in turn will cause the seas to rise. While promoting the pointless and unachievable goal of zero emissions, the pursuit of which would radically reduce our standard of living, Gates squeaks,

As sea levels and floodplains change, we’ll need to rethink where we put homes and businesses.

Yet like other wealthy moonbats who have supported global warming dogma (e.g., Al Gore, Barack Obama, Jeff Bezos), the spot he chooses for his own home is right on the beach:

[C]onstruction has got underway on a massive oceanfront estate in Southern California believed to be owned by 66-year-old Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates, for him to use as his ‘summer bachelor pad’.

The six-bedroom, three-bathroom 5,800 square-foot home situated in tony Del Mar, north of San Diego, was purchased by the Gates in March 2020 for $43million…

It was one of the most expensive home purchases ever in San Diego County, but Gates is now carrying out a gut renovation on the house in order to effectively build a brand new property for himself which will ultimately occupy more than 6,000 square feet when complete, across four parcels of land.

Clearly Gates knows as well as we do that the climate crisis is a crock of crap. Less clear is why the liberal elite is so ostentatious about not really believing the dogma they use as a pretext to make life hell for the rest of us. Can anyone’s arrogance be massive enough to explain this?

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