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Nov 27 2020

Gruesome Proof That Social Workers Cannot Replace Police

We don’t need police, moonbats bark as they slash the budget of the Seattle PD. Police are institutionally racist. Better to send in social workers instead — people like caseworker Kristin Benson.

Then we read this, from Belltown, the heart of Seattle:

Hans Dewey Van-Belkum, 58, was being held at the King County Jail in lieu of a $1 million bond in the death of Kristin Benson, who worked at the Scargo-Lewiston apartment building. …

According to investigators, the suspect had lived at the apartment building, which provides long-term housing for people who were formerly homeless, for eight years. Police found a note in the suspect’s apartment in which he wrote that he believed Benson was trying to have him evicted from the premises.

It seems likely that he believed this due to the dangerous derangement that characterizes much of the homeless population.

The man returned to the building Monday morning and went to Benson’s office, where he pulled out a KA-BAR knife purchased at a nearby Army/Navy surplus store and attacked the woman, according to court documents.

Good thing he didn’t buy a gun. Someone could have been hurt.

On a more serious note, too bad Benson didn’t have a gun.

“The murder of Ms. Benson was horrifying, an unarmed victim, trapped in her own office, unable to escape or fight back against the defendant’s rage and blade,” prosecutors said in the charging documents filed in the case.

Authorities said the man was willing to “violently attack others” who tried to help the murder victim.

They should have called in members of the Seattle City Council to deescalate the situation.

The court documents say the victim suffered eight stab wounds to her back and four additional puncture wounds to other parts of her body. She was found face down in her office with the knife sticking out of her back, according to the charging documents.

If moonbats do not understand why social workers cannot replace the police now, they never will.

On a tip from Behind Enemy Lines.


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