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Jul 15 2021

Gypsy Moths Canceled

Updates to the Newspeak Dictionary have been coming so fast and furious that it is hard to keep up. I didn’t even know that we aren’t allowed to say “Gypsy” anymore, and already they are changing the name of gypsy moths:

The Entomological Society of America, which oversees the common names of bugs, is getting rid of the common name of that critter and the lesser-known gypsy ant. The group this week announced that for the first time it changed a common name of an insect because it was offensive.

It won’t be the last time, as liberals find ever more to be offended about. As noted earlier, birds are also getting their names changed to keep them in alignment with political correctness. So are fish, the Asian carp having been renamed in Minnesota “to avoid negative effects on Asian-Pacific Minnesotans.”

Regarding gypsy moths,

“It’s an ethnic slur to begin with that’s been rejected by the Romani people a long time ago,” said society president Michelle S. Smith. “Second, nobody wants to be associated with a harmful invasive pest.”

By “invasive pest,” she is presumably referring to the moths. Or maybe she has been a tourist in Rome.

Eventually, the names of all creatures will be found offensive and changed. The point is for liberals to prove that they have total control over language. The emphasis on controlling people by controlling language is a core tenant of postmodernism, which gave birth to critical theory, the official ideology of our liberal ruling class β€” though most liberals probably learned about it by reading 1984.

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