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Oct 12 2020

Happy Columbus Day

Columbus Day is under assault by leftists, because it celebrates what they most hate: Western Civilization. Christopher Columbus allowed it to expand into the vacuum of the Western Hemisphere, which at the time was sparsely populated by Stone Age savages. Now hospitals, factories, and universities stand where barefoot slaves once had their hearts cut out in human sacrifices. Leftists will never forgive Columbus for this, or patriots for revering a man who symbolizes the West.

City Journal on the war of extermination progressives have been waging against Columbus:

Dozens of Columbus statues have been vandalized, and at least 33 cities have taken down their Columbus statues, from Sacramento to New Haven. In June, a 1,600-pound bronze statue of Columbus—located just a few miles from Joe Biden’s 6,850 square foot mansion—was removed. It’s unlikely that anyone in the media will ask Biden for his opinion on the matter.

Chicago’s Columbus purge was the most violent—49 police officers were hurt there in July after coming under attack from rioters attempting to topple a statue in Grant Park. Protesters pelted police with sharpened pipes, frozen water bottles, rocks, and other weapons. Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot ordered all three of the city’s Columbus statues to be taken down in the dead of night…

Due to the same preference for savagery over civilization that causes them to champion Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters against property owners and the police, progressives would prefer to cancel Columbus Day in favor of Indigenous People’s Day, the point of which would be to wallow in neurotic guilt and hatred of our own civilization. Don’t let them do it. A society that doesn’t take pride in itself sickens and dies.

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