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Dec 29 2020

Harvard Replaces “Women” With “Birthing People”

Moonbat rot goes all the way to the top. It would be hard to imagine a more prestigious institution than Harvard Medical School, or a more basic medical concept than the fact that only women can bear children. Yet Harvard first evaded that fact by using the euphemism “birthing people” for women, then directly attacked reality by implying that some women are not women.

Naturally this came up in the context of exhorting us to weep for the allegedly oppressed:

Globally, whites are a minority — and a shrinking one. But white “birthing people” should not hold their breath waiting to receive their equitable share of treasured oppressed status.

Even now, liberal lunacy sometimes encounters ridicule. Harvard pushes back by explaining itself:

By Harvard’s own logic, its euphemism for women fails. If women are not women because they might identify as men, then birthing people are not people, because they might identify as dogs or cats.

Nonetheless, you had better delete the word “women” from your copy of the Newspeak Dictionary. No sense risking cancelation when it is relatively easy to go along and say “birthing people” instead.

Harvard is at war not only with biology, but also with math:

Biology, math, and all other disciplines are to be condensed into one: moonbattery.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair. Hat tip: Breitbart.


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