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Aug 13 2022

Here Comes Harriet Tubman Day

Eradicating America requires deleting its heroes and holidays. Abolishing them all at once might engender resistance, so they are gradually phased out in favor of new heroes and holidays, which serve to remind us not of America’s greatness but of America’s guilt, because the surest way to destroy a nation is to turn it against itself.

This is why Democrats and their Republican doormats designated “Juneteenth” as a federal holiday, despite no one having heard of it before the Black Lives Matter riots. The point was to set up a rival holiday near the 4th of July, so as to replace it.

Even government workers have to show up for work sometimes. It goes without saying that as woke holidays are invented, traditional holidays will be erased to make room for them on the calendar.

Harriet Tubman, an anti-slavery activist, is already slated to replace the great Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill. But moonbats want to get more mileage out of her. They make the case for Harriet Tubman Day:

The bookstore named after Harriet Tubman misspells her name. No matter; Harriet Tubman Day is sure to become a federal holiday, just as soon as our woke uniparty decides whether it should be positioned to replace Thanksgiving or Easter.

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One Response to “Here Comes Harriet Tubman Day”

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