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Aug 17 2022

Another Foretaste of Biden’s Supersized IRS

Among the many ways the Inflation Acceleration Act will drive up inflation is the hiring of a staggering 87,000 IRS employees. Recruiting so many people for such a despicable job (which creates no wealth) will help drive up wage inflation.

IRS recruiting efforts afford us another look into a future where tax collectors are a major part of life:

In lieu of 30 pieces of silver, recruits can look forward to an eventual $175,000 per year plus lavish benefits and retirement, not to mention plenty of days off like Juneteenth and probably soon Harriet Tubman Day. Too bad the taxpayers they are paid to persecute don’t have it half that nice.

In return for the money it confiscates, the federal government does essentially nothing for the average middle class American. The feds will not so much as defend our country from foreign invasion. That’s why there is no federal taxation. There is only federal theft.

The latest Democrat tax-and-spend bonanza takes an intolerable situation and makes it worse.

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