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May 13 2023

Homeless Vets Booted to Make Room for Illegal Aliens

Who should get first dibs on a place to sleep? Homeless veterans who served our country? Or unlawful invaders from every corner of the Third World who attack our country in its moment of weakness by exploiting the undefended border? For reflexively treasonous Democrats, the choice is easy:

Nearly two dozen struggling homeless veterans have been booted from upstate [New York] hotels to make room for migrants, says a nonprofit group that works with the vets.

“Migrants” in this context means “conquerors.” They are invading the USA in contravention of the law. Military uniforms are not necessary. This is foreign conquest.

“Our veterans have been placed in another hotel due to what’s going on with the immigrants,’’ said Sharon Toney-Finch, the CEO of the Yerik Israel Toney Foundation.

Toney-Finch, a disabled military veteran, created YIT to raise awareness of premature births, as well as helping the homeless and low-income military service veterans in need of living assistance. …

Toney-Finch said 15 of the veterans got the heave-ho from the Crossroads Hotel in Newburgh about 60 miles north of New York City in Orange County — a new epicenter of Big Apple’s migrant crisis since Mayor Eric Adams began bussing Gotham’s overflow there against local officials’ wishes.

So much for New York being a sanctuary city.

The vets were dumped for the time being at another hotel. Their needs have been deprioritized in favor of the population Democrats have imported to displace us.

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3 Responses to “Homeless Vets Booted to Make Room for Illegal Aliens”

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