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May 11 2022

How Democrats Could Win: Executive Order 14019

The Biden Regime has been a catastrophic failure, and the Democratic Party has alienated all decent, informed Americans with its embrace of radical leftism. Despite enjoying near total control of Big Tech and the media, the party is left with only one path to victory in 2022 and 2024. That path is election fraud:

Last year, President Joe Biden issued Executive Order 14019, “Promoting Access to Voting.” This directed every federal agency, agencies that are staffed through partisan appointments, to create a plan to register and mobilize voters. It also orders these agencies to work with organizations such as activist groups to register and mobilize voters in whatever manner they see fit. In doing so, the Biden administration has politicized election processes that were uniquely guarded as a nonpartisan since the ratification of the Constitution in 1788.

It is hard to say exactly what Biden’s handlers are up to. We do know that it is nefarious, or they would not be so furtive about it.

There are few details about what the relationship between the federal bureaucrats and state election administrators would look like or where any oversight would occur. And the president has been even more opaque about who will decide which third parties will be selected to participate in these registration and mobilization schemes. As a result, the Foundation for Government Accountability filed a Freedom of Information Act request in July 2021 to obtain various documents pertaining to the executive order.

Nine months later, the Biden administration has yet to provide any meaningful, substantive response or produce any documents that would fulfill the public records request. This is in direct violation of the Department of Justice’s 20-day FOIA response rules.

If you think Democrats are arrogant in their stonewalling now, wait until they have secured control of elections. As progressive founding father Joseph Stalin observed, it doesn’t matter who votes, so long as leftists count the votes.

The 2020 election smelled bad enough. We might need clothes pins for our noses to get through the next one:

Democrats in Washington, led by the president, have tried to maintain unnecessary pandemic-era election policies while creating frivolous new ones. Their efforts would do grave harm to the nation’s electoral process by expanding federal control over state voting norms. Using taxpayer funds to pay political activists to join with federal bureaucrats is an unprecedented seizure of power from voters.

Democrats have attempted to ram through laws that would reduce elections to farces, ensuring victory regardless of voter sentiment. Their efforts have failed thanks to the only two Democrat Senators who are squeamish about overthrowing our system of government.

What cannot be accomplished by legitimate means will be imposed insidiously, through a Deep State staffed by radical apparatchiks.

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