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May 10 2022

Portraits in Moonbattery: Gigi Sohn

They say personnel is policy. With today’s Democrats in charge, personnel consists of militant kooks like Gigi Sohn. Biden’s handlers are trying to place her on the Federal Communications Commission.

The Wall Street Journal provides background:

She supports heavy-handed broadband regulation, including reimposing the Obama Title II “net-neutrality” rules. She wants to regulate broadband as Europe does, which would stifle investment. Some 92% of Americans have access to uber-high speed fixed broadband compared to 67% of Europeans.

If the American way works better, then let’s do it the European way — so long as that gives bureaucrats more power.

Sohn shrieks that Fox News is “dangerous to our democracy” because it deviates from Democrat doctrine. Free speech will not flourish with people like her in power.

A true party line moonbat, Sohn accuses Senate Republicans of suppressing the vote, presumably for opposing election fraud. She has earned the opposition of the Fraternal Order of Police with remarks like, “Funny how one bad protester labels the whole movement, but a few bad cops are never supposed to represent all cops.” In addition,

She’s liked posts by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that have called for defunding police and that have dismissed criticisms of the “defund” police movement as “racial resentment attacks.”

Her shrill, malevolent radicalism may have conjured an image of what Gigi Sohn might look like. Click here to see if you guessed right.

American decline began with Barack Obama’s election and went into a nosedive when Biden’s handlers took power. It will continue to accelerate if the federal government is not scaled back dramatically and purged of the sort of maniacs who would put Gigi Sohn in a position of power.

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