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Feb 12 2021

HR1/S1 Will Reduce American Elections to Farce

As mentioned earlier, today’s Democrats do not plan to relinquish power once they have gotten their hands on it. As also mentioned earlier, if you like the mess they made of the 2020 election, you will love what they plan to inflict with House bill HR1 and its companion Senate bill S1.

Former Justice Department lawyer J. Christian Adams sums up just how much damage Democrats plan to inflict on the American electoral system:

They are named H.R.1 and S.1 for a reason. The bills are the top priority of the newly empowered Democrats in Congress.

No more registering to vote. Ballots will be mailed out automatically to addresses generated by the bloated and incompetent federal bureaucracy. Excess ballots will be sent all over the place.

States also would be blocked by H.R.1 from signature verification procedures.

You say it is unconstitutional to deny states the right to run elections? No worries:

H.R.1 rigs the system for any lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of the law. All lawsuits can only be filed in one court – federal court in the District of Columbia.

Clearing dead people off the rolls would not benefit the Democratic Party, so:

It prohibits states from conducting list maintenance on the voter rolls.

You need ID for everything else, but after Biden signs this bill, requiring it for voting will be abolished by federal law.

The power grab goes beyond blatantly encouraging and facilitating fraud. It lays the groundwork to disenfranchise states that vote the wrong way:

“Congress can reduce a state’s representation in Congress when the right to vote is denied.” Without qualification or definition, Congress could rely on this sentence unilaterally to cut the number of House members from any state it claims is denying the right to vote.

Similar phony claims are already common. Democrats often use them to deflect investigations into voter fraud. If HR1/S1 passes, investigating voter fraud might get you thrown in jail:

It criminalizes anyone who uses state challenge laws to question the eligibility of registrants wrongly. The penalty is up to one year in prison per instance.

The power grab unsurprisingly encroaches on free speech:

It criminalizes publishing “false statements” about qualifications to vote and “false statements” about which groups have endorsed which candidates.

If making what the authorities determine is a “false statement” about an election can get you thrown in jail, there is a good chance that the election is a charade and that you do not live in a free country.

The bill does away with election day:

Nationwide, states must accept mail ballots on Election Day plus 10 days later.

Al Franken and more recently Joe Biden can tell you how valuable it is to be able to keep counting votes until you get the desired result.

And of course, unlimited ballot harvesting — having a third party “help” to fill in and gather up ballots, then drop them off at a polling station or other designated station — is guaranteed.

If this abomination is imposed, America will officially become a single-party banana republic. Elections will be taken no more seriously than they are in Venezuela.

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