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Nov 15 2020

How to Deal With Riots if Trump Wins

As mentioned earlier, if election integrity prevails, and it turns out that Trump wins the election, Democrats will respond with massive rioting. The implicit threat of rioting looms over the investigation of their massive election fraud. This form of intimidation has been seen before in degenerating republics as they succumb to tyranny.

What if we don’t succumb? What if Trump wins, and then we choose not to allow liberals to reduce every major city to Portland?

The wise Thomas Sowell explains in five words how to stop leftist violence if Trump is reelected: “overwhelming force on the scene.” But because the media will continue to side with the rioters, this will require serious resolve:

As Sowell explains, two major causes of rioting are justification of the rioting and holding back the police. Persuading liberals to show the common decency not to egg on rioters won’t be easy. Responsibly deploying the police will require overruling local authorities in areas controlled by Democrats — i.e., all major cities.

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