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Jul 05 2022

Ilhan Omar Booed by Somali Constituents

The Cultural Marxist coalition is designed to destroy; it is too inherently unstable to serve as a foundation to build upon. Leftists have not finished wrecking America, yet already their alliance of the allegedly marginalized has begun to balkanize. Ilhan Omar owes her position to being a Woman of Color, an immigrant from the Third World, and a Muslim. Above all, she is a moonbat. This may not sit well with her constituents.

Daily Caller reports on a Somali music festival in her home state:

[M]embers of the crowd booed and chanted their displeasure at the congresswoman while she presented an award to Somali artist Suldaan Seeraar, according to a video posted to congressional candidate Shukri Abdirahman’s account. …

Some festival-goers at the Target Center in Minneapolis were heard yelling at Omar, a Somali-American, to “get the f*ck out of here” as she walked on stage with her husband Tim Mynett, Fox News reported several videos show.

“Ok. Ok. Ok. Ok. Ok. We don’t have all night,” Omar told the crowd as she tried to calm the boos, according to the videos.

Afterward, she put out her own video, with the booing edited out.

There are many reasons to boo Ilhan Omar. It is unclear which of them provoked the crowd’s hostility. However,

Abdirahman, who is running as a Republican for Omar’s seat, claimed the crowd’s jeers were in response to Omar’s pro-LGBTQ and pro-abortion views.

Somalis are right about some things. This puts them at odds with the Democrats who have been importing them in massive numbers so as to hook them on welfare and farm them for their votes.

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