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Aug 29 2022

Illegal Aliens Legally Practice Law

In the end, law doesn’t work because the government has the power to throw us in jail. It works because we believe in it. But believing it the law is difficult when the government that creates and enforces it does not:

There are currently eight states where illegal aliens can practice law (CA, CT, FL, IL, NE, NJ, NY, and WY). Joining this dubious list on October 1 will be New Mexico.

New Mexico has become a colony of Old Mexico. Democrats are doing everything they can to force Texas and Arizona to follow suit.

All five justices on the N.M. Supreme Court are Democrats. The last time Republicans held a majority on the Court was in the 1920s.

As the term implies, it is illegal to be an illegal alien:

There are federal civil and criminal penalties for knowingly employing an illegal alien. Here is the statute. 8 USC 1324 (a)(4) provides for civil penalties and section (f) for criminal penalties. So the Supreme Courts of these states are actively aiding and abetting the commission of a federal crime.

A society run by people who sneer at its sovereignty and its laws is living on borrowed time.

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