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Sep 21 2022

Illegal Aliens Trade Gratitude for Weaponized Victimhood

It must be admitted that the armies of undocumented Democrats Biden has been importing in part from Venezuelan prisons to displace American voters are assimilating quickly. Compare the following stories.

From Saturday:

Some of the migrants flown to Martha’s Vineyard this week said they were grateful to Florida Governor Ron Desantis, calling his move to transfer them to the posh seaside community “a stroke of good luck.” …

“It is a little bit remote,” said immigration lawyer Rachel Self. “But if they want to walk to the gate they can Uber anywhere they want to. They have been given walking around money. They’re resting, catching their breath and meeting with lawyers.”

The meetings with lawyers apparently went well — from a certain point of view. From yesterday:

Migrants who were flown from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, under a new program by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis sued DeSantis, a Republican, and other state officials Tuesday, alleging they were victims of fraud for political purposes. …

In addition to seeking damages, they are also asking the court to block DeSantis and others named in the lawsuit from “inducing immigrants to travel across state lines by fraud and misrepresentation.”

In exchange for a jackpot justice payout, they help Democrats force red states to keep the invaders. Given the numbers involved, this should soon turn the red states blue.

See how fast the illegal immigrants abandon gratitude in favor of weaponized victimhood. They will be voting Democrat for generations.

On tips from Lyle, Bluto, and ABC of the ANC.


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