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Jan 12 2023

Illinois Democrats Come for Guns

We will soon reach the point where no other item on the liberal agenda can be inflicted until after they have imposed the most important item of all: gun control. There are limits to what an armed population will put up with. This is why Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto is said to have said, “You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.” This may not hold true for long in Illinois, where the Democrat Death Spiral has driven so many regular Americans out of the state that Governor J.B. Pritzker feels empowered to make a ham-fisted power grab by signing into law a statewide ban on assault weapons.

The term “assault weapon” is useful to authoritarians because they can apply it as broadly as they please. It means “an object that can be used to assault people.” A total ban on assault weapons would include baseball bats, chairs, fists, et cetera. For now,

The bill, HB 5471, will outlaw the sale, manufacture, possession and purchase of “assault-style” weapons, assault weapon attachments and .50 caliber cartridges, while also limiting magazine capacity to 10 rounds for long guns and 15 rounds for handguns, according to the legislation.

This will criminalize a large percentage of modern firearms, prominently including the most popular, America’s rifle. If this flies, the next few yanks on the ratchet will ban whatever is left.

Illinois residents who own guns that are now restricted under the law all be able to keep them, but will be required to register the firearms with the state police, according to the legislation.

Confiscating the registered firearms will follow inevitably, should the unpacked (for now) Supreme Court allow the brazenly unconstitutional law to stand.

The reason media moonbats can barely restrain their euphoria whenever there is a school shooting and blue state authorities go out of their way to keep violent lunatics on the street is they want a pretext. For Illinois Democrats, a lame duck session protecting them from voters was sufficient opportunity.

There are still a few Republicans that the moonbattery oozing down from Chicago have not driven from the state, including State Senator Chapin Rose, who responds:

“Enforce the laws that already exist. We’re going to make felons out of taxpayers. Put the bad guys behind the bars, not the good guys.”

That is exactly the reverse of Democrat policy, which is why this is happening in infamously corrupt Illinois. Dems know as well as anyone that this law will have minimal effect on criminals, while disarming those who would like to defend themselves against criminals.

State Senator Darren Bailey sounds downright American:

“You’ve got to know the actions that you are taking are tyrannous. You also must know that I and millions of other gun owners in this state will not comply.”

If we do comply with the coming gun confiscation, Democrats will have crossed the Rubicon. They hate us, and will be able to do whatever they want to us.

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