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Apr 10 2024

Indigenous Leaders Bestow Rights on Whales

Once equity has been imposed between all identity groups, progressives will progress to the next illogical step — imposing it between all species. Everyone except Captain Ahab loves whales, making them a good place to start:

The indigenous leaders of New Zealand, Tahiti, Tonga and the Cook Islands have signed a treaty granting whales legal personhood.

Failure to submit to the decrees of indigenous leaders would be white supremacist.

“What we’re trying to achieve here is to provide whales with certain rights,” [Māori conservationist Mere] Takoko told Morning Edition. “Those rights include the right to freedom of movement, natural behavior, development, cultural expression – which includes language – to a healthy environment, healthy oceans, and indeed the restoration of their populations.”

Only Big Government can forcibly uphold animals’ fundamental right to cultural expression.

Let’s hope the right of sea creatures to healthy oceans means no more of the hideous, economically insane wind turbines that are lethal to whales.

[Mere Takoko] says the treaty lays the groundwork for legislation to be written to protect the whales, or, as the Māori call them, tohorā — the sacred ancestors of indigenous Polynesians.

No doubt it would come as news to Charles Darwin that Polynesians are descended from whales. But then, Darwin was blinkered by what a UCLA medical school lecturer might call “white science.”

The source article having been excreted by government-affiliated NPR, it goes on to preach that whales “are especially vulnerable to the effects of climate change.” Connect the dots and you can see how whales have a right for Joe Biden to force you to drive an electric car.

Considering that climate change is named as the #1 threat to whales, this assertion is especially poignant:

[CEO and Cofounder of Blue Green Future Ralph] Chami points out that whales capture and store carbon in their bodies throughout their lifetimes. When they die, they sink to the bottom of seafloor and the carbon in their bodies is prevented from returning to the atmosphere.

The very whales that are victimized by carbon emissions try to save the planet from them. Noble creatures!

NPR might want to rethink this take. Aren’t they saying that killing whales is a good thing? After all, the more of them die, the more carbon dioxide goes to the bottom of the sea, rather than helping plants to grow and allegedly making it be too warm outside.

Granting nature these kinds of rights is not a new idea. But Chami says it’s becoming a more common way to combat climate change.

The point of inventing absurd rights for animals is to take rights away from people. With moonbats, the issue is never the issue; the issue is always exerting control.

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