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Aug 26 2021

Insufficiently Oversized Towels Revealed as Bigoted

Inducting the morbidly obese into the cultural Marxist Coalition of the Oppressed opens a whole new realm of possibilities for the ongoing jihad against all things politically incorrect. For example:

While it is still legal to say this, I will point out that being overweight is not something to base your identity on. It is a challenge to overcome for the sake of your health.

Except for members of the ruling class, that challenge is likely to become easier to meet. Twenty years from now, when the average American is burrowing through dumpsters for food like Venezuelans are already doing for the same reason, it will be incomprehensible that people once regarded towel sizes as a problem. If Biden et al. manage to destroy the economy with their spending agenda, we may end up trying to eat towels.

On a tip from Wiggins.


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