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Aug 26 2021

Larry Elder Versus the Corrupt Liberal Establishment

If Larry Elder doesn’t become the next governor of California, it won’t be the fault of his ads:

More likely, it will be because Gavin Newsom, best known for dining maskless indoors with lobbyists in an extravagantly expensive restaurant during the depths of the lockdowns, is the personification of the liberal elite, which has power and money:

Newsom’s anti-recall campaign raked in more money in its first five months — $54 million — than the $50.2 million his 2018 gubernatorial campaign raised over four years.

Most of the money came in six- or seven-figure donations from longtime Democratic financial backers, including government employee and trade unions, as well as people and interest groups that stand to gain from a relationship with California’s governor.

Like the rest of the radicalized Democrat Party, Newsom is so conspicuously awful that power and money might not be enough to woo voters even in fundamentally transformed California. So Democrats will fall back on their ace in hole; bad guys get to cheat:

Torrance police are investigating the discovery of hundreds of recall election ballots in a vehicle where a felon was found passed out with drugs, a loaded firearm and multiple driver’s licenses one week ago, authorities said Monday.

There were about 300 ballots in the car, a tiny fraction of the number of illegitimate ballots that will be cast in favor of Newsom.

Officers also discovered a loaded firearm, methamphetamine, thousands of pieces of mail, a scale, and multiple California drivers licenses and credit cards that were in other people’s names, a police news release stated. Xanax pills were also located on the unidentified male subject, who authorities described as a felon.

Democrats have erased the line between politics and crime. As Carl von Clausewitz might put it, Democrat politics is the continuation of crime by other means.

This is why Democrats have proclaimed election integrity to be “racist.” They have been pulling out all the stops to ram through legislation like the ironically named “For the People Act” and “John Lewis Voting Rights Act” that will prevent it from being an impediment ever again.

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3 Responses to “Larry Elder Versus the Corrupt Liberal Establishment”

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