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Apr 06 2023

Insurrection at Tennessee State Capitol

Civilization is under direct attack in Nashville, where leftists are following up on last week’s transsexual terror attack that killed six at a Christian school by demanding potential victims be disarmed. A leftist mob has laid siege to the state capitol — on behalf of Democrat legislators.

Via Fox News:

A loud group of demonstrators stormed the Tennessee State Capitol on Thursday to protest a vote in the state House to remove three lawmakers for disrupting the state House floor in Nashville last week during protests for stricter gun control measures. …

The protest comes after Tennessee House Speaker Cameron Sexton, a Republican, said Wednesday that Democratic state Reps. Gloria Johnson, Justin Jones and Justin Pearson would have their chance for due process when they face expulsion from an overwhelmingly Republican majority for disrupting House floor proceedings to lead protesters in the overhead balcony last Thursday.

If January 6 was an insurrection, as the liberal media has been shrieking for the past 2 years, what do you call this?

Sexton explains why the three insurrectionists need to be expelled:

“These three individuals stormed up to the well where you speak from without being recognized, did not display decorum, they disrupted the proceedings where we had to shut down, pulled out a megaphone and started to lead the balcony in protest for the next 30 to 45 minutes.”

“Their actions on the House floor rise to the level of expulsion. We cannot allow these types of things to take place in the people’s House,” he added.

Mob rule intimidation tactics suggest that leftists would use violence to deny us our right of self-defense. Imagine how violent they will become after we are disarmed. Tens of millions were killed when similar people espousing the same ideology took over Russia and China in the 20th century.

Note the communist salute:

The establishment media will side with the leftist mob. Its agenda cannot be inflicted on a population able to defend itself.

Ernest Hemingway said he went bankrupt “gradually, then suddenly.” That is how America is losing its liberty and succumbing to the misery of authoritarianism. We are entering the suddenly stage.

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