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Jun 29 2024

Interior Department Updates to Newspeak Dictionary

To replace civilization with their conception of utopia, liberals must first destroy it at the most fundamental level. The most basic unit of society, the family, is based on the gender binary, which therefore must be eradicated. An update to the Newspeak Dictionary by Biden’s Department of the Interior applies to this end:

The 24-page document, called the U.S. Department of the Interior Inclusive Language Guide and published this month “for official use only,” details what terms bureaucrats should use or avoid when discussing gender and sexuality.

The guide includes a list of 104 different terms that the Interior recommends bureaucrats replace with alternate, approved words. “Husband” and “wife,” for example, should be replaced with “spouse, partner, significant other,” the federal agency says. “Daughter” and “son” should also be replaced with “child” or “kid” …

The Interior guide even tells bureaucrats to refrain from assuming anyone’s gender and to instead refer to everyone with the pronouns “they/them” to “avoid making assumptions.”

Here’s why bureauweenies are supposed to confusingly refer to individuals as “they” rather than “he or she”:

The plural pronoun is said to be a superior alternative to the phrase “he or she,” because it implies “an exclusively binary nature of gender and exclude individuals who do not use these pronouns like gender non-conforming people.”

Growing the psychosis of such individuals is a central focus of social engineers tasked with societal demolition.

Under liberal domination, “preferred pronouns” must be used in place of accurate pronouns so as to explicitly reject objective reality in obsequious deference to the depraved ideology of the sexually insane. Yet even the term “preferred pronouns” has been struck from the Newspeak Dictionary:

“Staff should refrain from the term ‘preferred pronouns’ because it implies a choice about one’s gender. Use ‘pronouns’ or ‘identified pronouns’ instead.”

More linguistic requirements from the Department of the Interior:

• Replace “Aunt/Uncle” with “Parent’s sibling”

• Replace “male” with “all genders”

• Replace “ladies” with “everyone”

• Replace “gay” with “LGBTQIA+ person”

• Replace “transgender” with “transgender person”

• Replace “opposite sex” with “different sex”

• Replace “woman/women” with “person, people, individual, individuals”

• Replace “sex change” with “transition”

• Replace “father/mother” with “parent, caregiver, care provider”

Before you complain that your tax dollars should not be wasted on this nonsense, keep in mind that vocabulary proscriptions imposed on bureaucrats will inevitably apply to the rest of us. It is a crucial service of the federal government, no doubt detailed in some shadowy penumbra in the Constitution, to codify what speech is acceptable. Otherwise, we might accidentally use a word that is no longer permissible, thereby committing bigotry, resulting in our cancelation.

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