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Feb 24 2021

Is the Pope Catholic?

The question is no longer rhetorical. People really want to know if Pope Francis is Catholic:

Francis is due to hold an inter-religious prayer service at the ancient Mesopotamian site of Ur when he visits Iraq next week…

The inter-religious prayer service will be attended by Christians, Muslims, Mandaean-Sabaean, Yazidi and other religious minorities present in Iraq.

Ur may or may not be the birthplace of Abraham. Regardless, it certainly has religious significance. Its main feature is the Great Ziggurat of Ur. From Ancient Origins:

The Great Ziggurat of Ur was dedicated to the moon god Nanna, who was the patron deity of the city. As the Mesopotamian gods were commonly linked to the eastern mountains, the ziggurat may have functioned as a representation of their homes. Thus, the people of Ur believed that their ziggurat was the place on earth where Nanna chose to dwell. … Hence, a bedchamber was provided for Nanna in the shrine on top of his ziggurat. This chamber was occupied by a maiden chosen to be the god’s companion.

Not the Bee comments:

Just when I think the Woke Pope can’t get any more heretical, he goes and one ups himself with an “interfaith” prayer to be held on the site of the ancient Babylonian temple dedicated to the moon god Nanna.

It’s nice that Francis wants everyone to get along peacefully. But the Christian faith has been under relentless attack throughout the world. It doesn’t need to be put on a par with various exotic beliefs. It needs a defender.

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