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Sep 29 2020

Jack Dorsey Gave $10 Million to Radical Racist Ibram X. Kendi

How crazy would you have to be to castigate Amy Coney Barrett on grounds of “colonialism” for rescuing Haitian children from poverty by adopting them?

Maybe not so crazy, when there are people like Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey throwing their money around:

For reasons that the future historians who analyze our decline will struggle to understand, there is big money in moonbattery.

Dorsey is one of a handful of people with a stranglehold on the flow of information. Twitter is so arrogant that it repeatedly censors the President of the USA for ideological reasons.

If Democrats prevail in November, that stranglehold will tighten. This is great news for malevolent lunatics, but not such great news for the rest of us.

On a tip from Bluto. Hat tip: Not the Bee.


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