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Oct 14 2021

Jackpot Justice Settlement Money Spent on Guns for Gang

Leftists pretend that poverty can be cured if you dump enough of other people’s money on it. Here’s what really happens when you dump money into the ghetto:

A California woman who was paid nearly $5 million in a settlement after her son was fatally shot by police officers was arrested for using the money to purchase guns for her other son and gang members.

Christina Lopez received a $4.9 jackpot courtesy of Fresno taxpayers in April after her 16-year-old son died trying to evade arrest in 2017.

Fresno County District Attorney Lisa Smittcamp said that Lopez used funds from the settlement to purchase weapons for her 14-year old son to distribute to his gang.

What did they think she would do with the money, buy a farm and feed people? No; everyone knew it would be piddled away destructively, as surely as the $trillions that have been wasted on the Welfare State.

Poverty is primarily caused by degeneracy, sloth, and too much government. Free money from the government produces more of it, not less. That is the point of the ongoing Democrat campaign to expand entitlements. Democrats want to produce more of the conditions that cause people to share their values and vote for them.

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