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Dec 24 2023

Jesus Replaced With “Cuckoo” Because Sensitivity

The War on Christmas often goes over the top in Europe, with climate kooks painting Christmas trees orange and Islamic colonists beheading manger displays or setting them on fire. But it can also be relatively subtle, as when kids are made to replace Jesus with the word “cuckoo” in Christmas carols in Italy:

The episode took place in a primary school in the municipality of Agna, where fundamental changes were made to the lyrics of a song for the annual Christmas party. Instead of “Jesus will soon be born”, the children had to sing “Cuckoo is made from above”. And furthermore, the passage “Where the angels prepare Jesus’ birth” was replaced with “All together prepare a feast in the blue sky”.

With these changes, the school reportedly wanted to show consideration for the feelings of non-Christian children and parents.

The importation of millions of Muslims is exploited as a pretext to suppress European culture. Assimilation is not only out of the question, it would defeat the purpose. But remember, if you don’t agree that “Jesus” should be replaced with “cuckoo” in Christmas carols, you are an insensitive bigot who is mean to immigrant children.


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