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Oct 29 2020

Jews Not Welcome at Philadelphia Riot

Looks like some useful idiots are useful no longer. They wanted to attend the second night of an anticapitalist riot, but a pogrom almost broke out.

Via Breitbart:

Rioters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, targeted a group of religious Jews at protests Tuesday evening against the police shooting of an armed black man, calling them names, shoving them, and chasing them from the scene.

These days there is video of virtually every public event:

Back to Breitbart:

At the start of the video, a voice is heard taunting the men, calling them “Amalek,” a reference to a Biblically cursed nation. …

A rioter in a hoodie and a hockey mask then shoves one of the Jewish men.

Another protester intervenes, but the crowd advances, forcing the Jewish men to leave.

The voice behind the camera taunts them with a reference to Revelations 2:9: “Synagogue of Satan!”

Accusing Jews of worshiping Satan is a staple of antisemitism, which has also reared its ugly head in a Black Lives Matter context in Los Angeles and Kenosha.

Jews who side with the good guys are treated even worse:

A Jewish family was left traumatized after their car was attacked with pepper-spray by counter-protesters as a “Jews for Trump” caravan rolled through New York City on Sunday.

Eggs and rocks were hurled at the countermoonbats. Here go some eggs:

“Learning your f***ing place!” yells the moonbat. Jews may begin to learn that their place is not with today’s Democrats.

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