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Aug 25 2023

John Kerry Proclaims Humanity to Be Threat to Humanity

A church is a fitting setting for an unhinged sermon by Climate Czar John Kerry, who preaches the gospel of the global warming hoax:

For well-to-do American white guys like John Kerry, liberalism is externalized hatred of the self. They demonize wealth, call for the displacement of the American population, denounce whites as “racist,” and emasculate men. It should come as no surprise that Kerry is a traitor, because his type reflexively sides against its own kind.

Take this self-hatred to the ultimate extreme and you have hatred of the human race, which Kerry expresses by flying around on a private jet pretending to believe in the “climate crisis.”

“Humanity is inexorably threatened by humanity itself.” Therefore, our freedom and standard of living must be sacrificed to a pretense of controlling the weather. What a sick, malevolent cult.

On a tip from Wiggins.


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One Response to “John Kerry Proclaims Humanity to Be Threat to Humanity”

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