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Oct 18 2021

John Lewis Home Insurance Ad Takes the Lead

Leftists have subverted and subordinated virtually every sector of society, and none more aggressively than advertising. The goal of advertisers is no longer to sell a product or service, but to push the moonbattery envelope even further than the competition. The UK’s John Lewis Home Insurance has taken the lead with an advertisement featuring a young boy in drag who dances lasciviously as he trashes a house and his mother and sister watch passively:

Conservative Daily News regards this as the worst ad for home insurance imaginable:

Willful destruction by a family member is likely not covered, and if Lewis is advertising that they would then their underwriters must be having conniption fits after this public mess.

The ad is deranged and depraved on numerous levels. That’s why it wins at the game advertisers are currently playing. It pushes decay far enough to stand out even in the orgy of degeneration that the liberal establishment presents to us as our culture. Now every other advertiser has to scramble to catch up.

On a tip from Wiggins.


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