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Mar 04 2024

Judge Who Released NYC Subway Maniac Is a Moonbat

Anarchotyranny prevails in jurisdictions controlled by leftists like Soros stooge Letitia James. While Big Government cracks down on opposition candidates and eating meat, violent savages like Amira Hunter run amok:

A 23-year-old with eight prior arrests was busted in the shocking, caught-on-video bottle attack on a New York City subway cellist — and was promptly cut loose Thursday despite pleas that she be held on bail.

Amira Hunter was nabbed Wednesday night, 15 days after she allegedly bashed Iain S. Forrest, 29, in the head as he performed in the Herald Square station.

Meet Amira:

No wonder local police get demoralized. There is not much use arresting maniacs like Hunter with maniacs like Marva Brown in charge:

The Big Apple judge who cut loose an alleged nut accused of randomly attacking a subway cello player is a former Legal Aid attorney with ties to progressive politicians.

Judge Marva Brown … became a Brooklyn civil court judge in November after campaigning as self-described “zealous advocate, compassionate advisor, respected negotiator and skilled litigator,” according to her campaign site.

By “zealous advocate,” she means a zealous advocate for moonbattery.

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