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Mar 04 2024

Letitia James Comes After Meat

If Soros-installed New York Attorney General Letitia James can tell us who we can or cannot vote for by hamstringing unapproved presidential candidates through lawfare, surely she can dictate to the entire country what food we can eat. Meat is a no:

People mustn’t be allowed to eat meat if it is offensive according to climate ideology — though criminals can rest assured that low-level crime will remain effectively legal under rule by Letitia James.

She may not have the power to prevent the entire USA from eating meat. But given the judgment of up to $500 million she inflicted on Trump for being someone liberals don’t like, she can probably raise the price of it.

When we pay more for meat because of Letitia James, can you guess where the money goes? Of course you can:

Because there is no specific person or entity harmed, just some general claim of fraud, any award will go into the pockets of the state.

Tyranny and malice are not the only motivators for Democrats. There is also pathological greed.

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2 Responses to “Letitia James Comes After Meat”

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